Your Personal Inside Scoop

The Akashic (pronounced ah-kah-shik) Records are a vast resource containing all the details about who we’ve been in past lives, who we are now, and even information about what we’re trying to learn in this lifetime, all viewed from our soul’s perspective.  They can be a powerfully transformative tool for anyone who wishes to explore them since they contain information about every single human who ever inhabited the earth.

Accessing the Akashic Records can help us figure out why we repeat patterns, why particular (perhaps difficult) people seem to always find us, and why we’ve made the choices we have.  They are especially helpful in clarifying why we’re stuck as well as offering situation-specific practical suggestions for moving through whatever challenge we’re facing.  Viewed through the compassionate heart of the records, our relationships, careers, health, abundance or lack thereof, and particular gifts and challenges are all rich material for understanding and fulfilling our soul’s objectives.

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