Akashic Search Engine

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately there’s no software search engine for exploring the Akashic Records.  Perhaps technology will catch up one day but for now we have to rely on humans to interact with the records.

The Akashic Records are jam-packed with information like the internet is but they contain energetic, soul-level stuff instead of electronic data.  Akashic information about each of us is stored in the Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” and our questions retrieve material based on what we ask.  Asking questions in the records is similar to Googling.  When you search on-line you may find text, audio recordings, photos, or video.  Likewise some Akashic Records consultants see images, some hear words or phrases or conversations, many have a sense of knowing, and some experience a combination of these.  Every Akashic Records reader and every reading is unique which is part of the fun!


  1. Love this analogy! Where in the world did you get the image? It’s perfect for helping us visual people understand how you gain information from Akashic records. Like Google, you get information about what you asked for and it comes in many formats. I had a “light bulb” moment in understanding just from seeing this image.


    • Thanks! The image was custom designed for me by my creative IT department aka my dear husband. He’s visual too, obviously! I’m glad it helped bring some clarity since the records are something most people know little or nothing about at this point.


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