Your Helping Hands

Ever notice where your hands go when you’re trying hard to remember something?  Many of us rest our fingertips on our foreheads.  If you watch runners after a race, they often lean over and grip the back of their hips trying to catch their breath.  Likewise you may notice someone who always crosses her arms while arguing.  It turns out all of these are ways we unconsciously help ourselves with our hands.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the acupressure point above each eye on the forehead is part of our “Brain Specialist” so of course holding there improves our memory!  Holding the top of our hips aids inhalation.  Plus the inside top of the elbow helps us own our own authority, the perfect place to hold while arguing.

It turns out we help ourselves a lot, even without knowing it.  So how fabulous that with Jin Shin Jyutsu® we can start helping ourselves on purpose, addressing our personal projects by holding points identified in ancient times as being specifically supportive for various human challenges.  A JSJ self-help can be as simple as holding one of your fingers or as complicated as holding a couple different acupressure points on your body at once.  It’s nice to know we have help only an arm’s length away at all times!

Notice where your hands rest naturally when you watch TV or lie in bed.  Do you tuck your thumbs into your curled hands, do you place your hands under your head, or do you find yourself rubbing your belly in a circle after a big meal?  How have you been helping yourself with your hands lately?

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