“I’m So Over It!” – Now What?

Is there an issue in your life you’ve looked at countless ways you swear you’re ready to release yet it lingers and lingers nonetheless?  The Akashic Records often yield new insights as well as practical advice on what to do next with our thorniest projects.  Issues that seem illogical in the present day often have a historical context where they do make sense and can be addressed.

We learn lessons by incarnating into different circumstances.  We may choose a lifetime as a beggar and another where we are blessed with riches in order to learn about abundance and what it means to have and be enough.  Or we might opt for a lifetime as an elite athlete in contrast to another lifetime with a physical disability to get a sense of what it means to be an immortal soul in a mortal, limited body.  We explore everything from loss to freedom to connection to all the different forms of love.  Accessing the records allows us to tap into what we’ve learned in other lifetimes and to uncover themes that often clarify how we got stuck and how to get moving again.

Understanding your patterns and history can dramatically improve your career, relationships, abundance, and health, to name a few.  The more you make peace with difficult lifetimes, people, and circumstances, the more love you can enjoy and share in the world.  That love lifts all of us!

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