Undercover Healers Outed

Turns out a lot of us heal without realizing that’s what we’re doing.  A key aspect of healing is being seen, heard, and felt.  Feeling like we matter.  Feeling like someone noticed our struggle and is willing to help.  Feeling connected, mirrored, and held with compassion.

Lately during Akashic Records consultations I’ve realized many of my clients who aren’t officially “healers” do energy healing of a sort.  I’ve seen it with a videographer, an architect, a photographer, an interior stylist, a landscape architect, a couple career counselors, and others who would never refer to themselves as healers.  Each one sees their clients’ needs, listens at a heart level to them, has a real feeling sense of what needs to shift, and supports their clients through the desired transition.

I know a social media expert, a fashion consultant, a nutrition coach, a personal financial advisor, a daily money manager, and a personal organizer who all heal others in this way.  Now that I’m aware of it I’m noticing it more and more.

You don’t have to be an intuitive healer, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, or Akashic Records consultant to invite healing.  Are you an undercover healer?  Or do you know some undercover healers you’d like to shout some kudos to here?  I’d love to hear your experiences.


    • So true! Every difficulty gets easier when someone’s willing to listen. Our longing to be heard doesn’t go away with age, either, so it makes sense you see it with your daughter as well as your clients. Kudos on being a much needed listening ear!


  1. I believe in “healing presence”: that sometimes transformative experience you have when you’re with someone whose full awareness and attention to what is happening right here, right now, both internally and externally, enabling you to experience this moment in a deeper way that is noticeable and True with a captial “T”. Their willingness to “be with” you wherever you are and with whatever is happening in the moment FULLY (with their full attention and without changing it, fixing it, or controlling it), connects you both to something bigger and more Mysterious–to the (Divine) PRESENCE that is healing by its very nature.


    • Yes, well said! I think you’ve captured in words what happens when someone can be present and listen deeply with compassion, bearing witness while leaving behind the urge to do anything. Indeed the mysterious Divine presence is a powerful healing source and we’re doubly blessed when we find someone who extends that same energy and spirit through their listening!


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