What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?

supposedToBe_fiWhatever you’re already doing!  As strange as it may seem, we learn in the Akashic Records you can’t do anything you aren’t supposed to be doing.  It just isn’t energetically possible.  At any given moment we are always exactly where we’re supposed to be, doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.  No exceptions.

This doesn’t mean what you’re experiencing necessarily feels comfortable or that you have to keep doing it if it doesn’t feel aligned to you.  The “supposed to” just applies to this moment in time and it’s only a “supposed to” because your soul is leveraging every experience to help you remember your fundamental wholeness and goodness.

Generally when people learn they are doing what they are supposed to be doing they feel relieved they didn’t miss a critical road sign, detouring far off-course.  Yet often people then want to know if what they are considering doing is what they’re supposed to do.  Am I supposed to be with him or her?  Am I supposed to take this job or start my own business?  Do I need to endure this difficult situation for some higher purpose or for someone else?

While the Akashic Records contain a view of your life from your soul’s perspective, they don’t contain a checklist of “supposed to’s.”  They reveal themes you’re working on, why you’re with the people who are in your life and what you’re learning from it, why you have certain gifts and challenges and so on but they don’t dictate all the specific details within the larger framework of who you are and why you’ve incarnated.

Over and over again the records beckon you toward what feels good, what brings joy, and what feels aligned, which is more about your Be-ing than your Do-ing.  Akashic Records readings provide soul-level advice on how to fulfill your primary “supposed to” which is to joyfully align to yourself.


  1. Christy, I like this post. I wonder why if we ARE always doing what we’re “supposed” to be doing why don’t we know it and often wonder “what we are supposed” to be doing.


    • Thanks, Tricia, and what a great question! A couple possibilities spring to mind. First I think we have been conditioned to get it “right” by external standards rather than our own internal compasses so we keep looking over our shoulders wondering whether we’re getting approval or not. Secondly most people have had many lifetimes of no choice or very limited choices and so the current vast array of choices, many of which are based on our preferences rather than needs, is overwhelming. More good stuff for me to ponder, thanks!


  2. Today I was working on a photography shoot. It was supposed to be what I was doing today because it was on my to do list. In the midst of the task a woman I know vaguely called me for a donation to a local charity. Within 5 minutes or so I found myself listening to her story of how she copes with the loss of her husband. I think we were both in tears at one point. We spoke for 30 minutes. Then I went back to my to do list.


    • Hi, Mary Claire, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. What a compelling story! It’s interesting how our plans morph when something bigger than us presents us either an opportunity or an obstacle. I think being receptive to what comes to us is as important as being “disciplined” and sticking to our plans. Kudos to you for honoring what felt right in the moment.


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