Growing Patience

growingpatienceHere’s another of my dirty little secrets: I tend to rush.  I speak quickly, read and process information rapidly, and tend to want issues resolved now, if not yesterday or even sooner.  Years ago I believed impatience was a mildly positive trait, suggesting I was going places, moving ahead, getting somewhere, but now I understand how destructive it can be.

Patience is connected to being able to be here now, to be with whatever is occurring, even if actual enjoyment is out of reach.  When you judge where you are as intolerable, the situation naturally becomes even harder to tolerate.  So that means fear and judgment around whatever is happening need to be dropped.

The Akashic Records reveal you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, always.  This can help with impatience, knowing there’s a bigger picture than you perhaps perceive in the moment and that being somewhere or someone else right now isn’t part of the plan.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu®, you cultivate patience by harmonizing fear through holding any or all of the following: your index finger (the “F” for Fear in WFAST), Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 23 at the bottom of your ribs on your back, or the Kidney and/or Bladder Organ Function self-helps.  See the bullets below for more details on where and how to hold.

Would you care to slow down and “just be” with me?  Let’s sink into the powerful present of our lives and disable the fast forward button!

  • For the Kidney self-help you hold your pubic bone plus opposite side pinkie toe, then switch hands and hold the other pinkie toe.  For the Bladder self-help you hold your SEL 25 (right hand on right 25) with SEL 12 (left hand on right 12).  Then switch and hold left 25 with left hand, left 12 with right hand.
  • All the SELs are illustrated here (when you mouse over them the location description pops up): Safety Energy Lock Diagram  As always with JSJ self-helps, you can gently hold the points for 36 out-breaths and in-breaths, for a fixed length of time, or until it feels “done.”

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