Generous Self-Care

SelfCare_full2Attending to our own wants, needs, and feelings has gotten a bad rap.  So many people believe they must take care of others first and live with whatever is left after that.  This strategy, which on the surface may appear compassionate, can not only deplete you but leave you angry at some level as well.  It’s a pattern I see repeatedly when I go into the Akashic Records, a pattern that interferes with being authentic.

While it’s possible to be self-absorbed, self-obsessed, or even narcissistic when self-focus is carried to an extreme, most people, especially women, tend to err on the side of focusing on others instead of taking care of themselves.  Oddly enough, that’s the good news.  If you’ve got caretaking tendencies, the pendulum of self-care is unlikely to swing you too far away from your true responsibilities to others.

Self-care is generous, not selfish.  The more satisfied you are in life, the more you have to offer others and the less likely you’ll resent giving.  Feeling like a martyr or victim just doesn’t satisfy the way having your needs met does!


    • Joanne, thank you for visiting and for your comment. Self-care does seem to be something we like as a concept but have a harder time applying in our busy lives. I know I need plenty of reminders!


  1. Thank you Christy for letting me know about this article. So serendipitous and wonderful to write about the same theme together in the same week.

    You make a great point when you help women who may tend toward caring too much for others at the expense of the self that they are not likely to become self-indulgent as they learn self-care. It’s a mythical concern and I hear it often. I love that perspective and will share it with others.

    Chakra Khan

    I like your intentional prayer on the


    • Chakra Khan, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comments. The timing was indeed serendipitous! I love when the universe conspires like that.

      Sidestepping behaviors that are “at your own expense” comes up a lot in my work. I long for people, yes, mostly women, to get that it does no one a favor to deplete yourself for others. I’m glad what I wrote brought a new perspective and that you liked my intentional prayer.

      All the best,


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