Getting Grounded

GroundedFeetGetting and staying grounded is a big deal for many people, especially those who work with energy, but also for those who inadvertently disconnect from themselves in daily life.  Time and time again I see clients who struggle to be fully here in their bodies and in present time.

During Linda Howe’s trainings through her Center of Akashic Studies, she always urged her students to ground themselves after every reading by either taking a drink of water, eating something, or using whatever method worked for them.  For anyone needing grounding, I recommend the same Jin Shin Jyutsu® grounding technique I use to close every table session: holding the base of the sternum with the right hand while holding both big toes with the left hand for several breaths.  I often feel a dropping of my shoulders, a noticeable relaxing into my body when I do this for myself.

Some of the many other grounding options include:

  • Opening a grounding cord to the center of the earth and welcoming earth energy up into your body
  • Visualizing yourself with deep tree roots
  • Spending time in nature or gardening
  • Walking a labyrinth
  • Moving your awareness from head to heart and gut
  • Expressing gratitude which brings you into the here and now

Do you feel the need to ground yourself and, if so, how do you do it?


  1. Christy, I love that you offered many suggestions for grounding in this post. I like having a “toolbox” because I find that different techniques work at different times. One of my favorite grounding techniques when I am feeling panicky is to simply stand still, feet planted firmly on the ground, knees slightly bent and to name things I see around me. Right now it would go something like this, “Table, chair, lamp, couch, rug, dog.” I don’t know why this works, but it always brings me back to my own body and the present.


    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks for your great comment. I love your grounding approach and I think it works because of what you described – it always brings you back to your body and to now. That’s really all grounding is!


    • Adrienne,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I think most people suffer from the I’m-too-busy-to-slow-down syndrome. Sometimes we just have to choose to slow down enough to be present. Otherwise it’s like we aren’t actually living our own lives.


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