The Fear Creating Worry

FearWorryDo you worry a lot?  If you’re a worrier, chances are you’re preoccupied and your mind won’t be still.  Behind worry is fear we won’t be able to cope with what life brings us.  So there are a couple big uncertainties involved here between what life might bring and how we’ll deal with it.

Of course we never know what might happen to us in life.  We’re all aware something horrible or wonderful could occur at any moment.  Life as we know it always has the potential to radically change.

What’s the best antidote to excessive worrying?  Narrow your focus down to what you can deal with now, the certainties in this moment.  Repeating this over and over you’ll move through life one manageable moment at a time and be more alive while doing it!  While you can usually cope with whatever is happening now, it’s impossible to deal with all the dire possibilities your mind can conjure.

It also helps to remember you’re not in charge.  You don’t make the sun rise and set, nor the tides go in and out, nor does your worrying alter what does or doesn’t happen.  Worry does distract you but it also distances you from life.

You can also apply Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure self-helps.  Harmonize worry by holding your thumbs and/or holding each of the Safety Energy Locks (SELs) from 1 to 4.  You can read more about finger harmonizing here:  Intense Emotions? Try WFAST-ing

All the SELs are illustrated here (when you mouse over them the location description pops up): Safety Energy Lock Diagram  As always with JSJ self-helps, you can gently hold the points for 36 out-breaths and in-breaths, for a fixed length of time, or until it feels “done.”

If you’d like to read about the fear behind anger, please visit this blog post:  The Fear Fueling Anger  


    • Hi Kristen,
      Excellent! I’m glad the timing was good and I hope it helps. If you play with the Safety Energy Locks and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
      All the best,


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