Always Connected

alwaysConnected_smEvery now and then I see a client who wants to chuck everything and live like a hermit somewhere remote.  Other clients acknowledge they feel lonely and crave more human connection.  The deeper truth behind this apparent dichotomy is everyone wants to be seen, heard, and felt authentically but sometimes people get disheartened, feeling this is impossible.  The fact is we’re connected whether we feel comfortable with it or not.

Look around you and notice what’s nearby.  My partial list includes my computer, my desk, my massage table, three lamps, colorful artwork and photographs, a couple Tibetan rugs, my business cards, and many books.  All of these were created by people and the raw materials for them were gathered by other people.  If you removed all traces of human influence from your life, you’d end up starving and naked in the woods!  Your clothes and the material for them came from other people, so did your food even if have your own garden since the seeds and tools to plant them came from others, and you wouldn’t be standing in a yard either, since it’s likely your lawn got planted and mowed by someone using tools and materials sourced by other humans as well.  There’s no escaping humanity even when you think it’s what you want.

The next time you feel alone or unsupported, imagine all the people who are supporting you through what they’ve made for you.  Most of them you’ll never meet but they are out there every day assisting others like you.  Conversely, tune into the fact you impact the world daily through what you say, do, and buy.  Even your thoughts have an impact!  You are a part of a larger whole and ultimately there’s escaping others or yourself.

For those of you interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the Diaphragm and Umbilicus organ flows assist with harmony, warmth, and connection to self and others.  Jin Shin Jyutsu® Organ Function Self-Helps

Do you yearn for more or less connection?  Does noticing you are surrounded by human influence feel comforting or stressful?



  1. So true so true! Another good one! You said it was ok to be the shepardess with my sheep and dog and no one else! When I am in my hermit phase, that’s when I evoke her.


    • Ah, Janet, I like how you linked this to what was uncovered in your reading – very cool! To me connection is about balance, similar to inhaling and exhaling. None of us do well with an overemphasis on one or the other.

      Thanks for reading and posting!


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Joanne. I think we tend to forgot just how interconnected we all are until we start noticing what surrounds us. There’s simply no escape! I actually think that’s the good news.


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