Time Squeeze

timeWarp_blue_smAs gifted and powerful as you are, you can’t alter time.  Yet if you’re like most people, you probably sometimes act like you can, trying to cram too much into the time you have, creating a sense of failure when you don’t finish everything.  Overcommitting also creates an on-going pressure to perform, to hurry up and get through your continuously replenishing “to do” list which is impervious to how efficient you are.  As long as you live you’ll create new aspirations and plans, but the hamster wheel only spins when you agree to run on it.

Clients who arrive or call late typically apologize by explaining all the tasks they were trying to finish before their appointment.  In a sense, this attempt at time-warping is a form of violence, since it sets up unrealistic self-expectations resulting in regret and remorse.  You also send a clear message to yourself when cramming in more tasks ranks ahead of honoring yourself by approaching your schedule with relaxed readiness.

Play with dropping some lower priority items in favor of slowing down.  Lightening your self-imposed workload allows a spaciousness, a receptivity to a lovely detour or excursion, maybe even some play, spontaneity, or much needed rest.  Down time allows creativity, compassion, and curiosity to surface.  An added bonus is the time and hassle you’ll save not having to apologize or catch up!

How can you more deeply honor and enjoy the time you have?  How do you give yourself permission to relax, to rest, and to just be?

For those interested in applying Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure for this, I invite you to visit my recent post The Fear Masked By “Trying Tocontaining the relevant self-help holds.


  1. Insightful post, Christy! You’ve clearly outlined the need for lightening our loads. As for consistent latecomers, I do agree that it is a form of violence, upsetting everyone and everything around them.


    • Thanks, Joanne! Ah, I wasn’t even thinking of the people on the receiving end of latecomers, I appreciate you adding this element! Both those who are late and those who wait for the latecomers do end up being impacted. If we are mindful of our time and how we schedule (or overschedule!) it, it can have a comforting effect in all our relationships. I love having more to consider, thanks again!


  2. These are excellent suggestions for not only delegating time for priority tasks throughout the day, but also for honoring one’s personal needs to avoid rush and enjoy the present moment. I continue to be absolutely blown away by Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure self-help holds. Amazing. Thank you for your tips at the end of each blog posting.
    Lots of blessings,


    • Julie, thank you so much for visiting and for your kind feedback. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful.

      Jin Shin Jyutsu® is indeed an amazing art. This was brought home strongly to me again this past week during my latest 5-day training. While I’m only presenting snippets here there are such beautiful and profound interconnections within the art which when applied regularly can invite and sustain harmony and wholeness. I’m humbled by the wisdom of the universe and this art discovered within it!


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