Change Your L.U.C.K.

LUCK_smIf you are reading this, you likely already know the power of shifting your thoughts and altering your perceptions.  Perhaps you know it so well you sometimes discount its importance!  Last week my Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and I discussed love and compassion, understanding and kindness, all those phenomenal shifters you tend to forget about when you need them most.  Wanting to play with the words later, I searched for a good way to recall them and immediately noticed they form the acronym L.U.C.K. and also realized you can vastly improve your own luck when you consciously approach your life and everyone in it with love, understanding, compassion, and kindness.

During my brief introduction to the Akashic Records with first-time clients, I explain the records are all about love and compassion.  If a judgment surfaces while you’re in your own records or someone else’s, you’ve slipped out of the records into your own biases and beliefs.  The records may reference difficult situations in the past or present but only with compassion, never with judgment.  In fact, the loving perspective of the records creates an atmosphere of healing felt when the person being read describes their difficulty, when the reader shares information, and even during the silences.

What if you borrow this concept from the records?  What if in your interactions with yourself and others you notice whether you feel sincere love, understanding, compassion, and kindness or if you’ve slipped into false, unconscious, judging habits?  What if then you ignore what isn’t true and reorient yourself toward what is?  Love, understanding, compassion, and kindness feel true, accurate, and appropriate.  If the deep sense of “rightness” is missing, invite your L.U.C.K. to change!

For those interested in applying Jin Shin Jyutsu self-helps, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 13 invites loving your enemies and yourself plus the third depth (Gallbladder, Liver, SELs 16 to 22) and the Heart self-helps support all of the L.U.C.K. components.

Safety Energy Lock Diagram 
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Organ Function Self-Helps 


  1. Hi Christy, Thanks for reminding us about the phenomenal shifters. It is so easy to put them on the back burner and leave them there. Keeping the acronym in mind will definitely make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

    Joanne 🙂


    • Thanks, Joanne, your interest and comments are always appreciated! I’m not a big acronym person but having luck as a mnemonic definitely keeps those lovely shifters handy for me. Glad it worked for you too!


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