Clearing Karma

PeaceSign_72dpi_2Clients often wonder how they’re progressing in their soul work with significant people in their lives, mostly hoping to avoid similar people and patterns in the future.  Often they ask because they feel so fed up and frustrated they can’t take it any more.  Fortunately or unfortunately, once you feel at peace with someone, your karma with them disappears.  If you still carry intensity ranging anywhere from obsession to hatred to frustration toward the person, karma lingers between the two of you.

As with any intense focus, the more you work at reducing karma, the more it sticks.  So how do you reduce or even complete the karma in a relationship?  By accepting yourself and the other party, wherever you are in your journeys.  Remember from the soul perspective each of you experiences just what you need at any given moment even though the human mind can’t always fathom how it could be “perfect.”  Gently notice how you react when you interact with the person, when someone mentions them, or when you encounter them unexpectedly.  Free of the karmic burden, you feel at peace.  

Remember you only control your own experience.  The other person might feel animosity toward you, want to pull you into the story they carry about you, or even drag in others trying to provoke you.  In fact, the other person may never feel peaceful toward you but you can free yourself emotionally regardless of their state of mind by inviting what satisfies you rather than opposing and thus solidifying what doesn’t.  With certain especially challenging people, peace may forever elude you but accepting you’re doing the best you can with them reduces intensity and karma as well.

If you’d like to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-helps to support clearing karma, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 9 relates to endings and beginnings although most complex karmic situations require additional harmonizing depending upon the patterns and intensity between you and the other person.

Safety Energy Lock Diagram 


  1. I am reading a book by Eric Butterworth, “The Universe is Calling.” Your words about “karma” resonate within me and remind me at all times that ll is well. Thank you, Dr. Christy!


    • Dr. Julie, thanks so much for your interest and posting. I’m glad this karma post resonates with you. Yes, all is well!

      I haven’t read anything by Eric Butterworth but am familiar with his name. I think I even have one of his books in my “Save for Later” Amazon queue. I’ll have to revisit his work. Thanks!


  2. Dear Christy,
    Thank you for this post. The line that struck me the most was “by accepting yourself…” Interestingly, many of us can accept others – even others’ faults – before we can accept ourselves – even our strengths! As you know, I am working on accepting and celebrating all of myself and having the confidence in our my own gifts and graces. Remembering this brings an entirely different person – a person who is at peace with herself – into the situation and lessens the tension and discord. Thank you for your on-going help!


    • Dear Tamra,
      Thank you for your lovely post and generous sharing. Yes, accepting ourselves can be the biggest challenge but it also opens the door to true love and deeper community as well for how can we be loved or even seen if we cannot love ourselves and how can we unconditionally love others without being grounded in our own worthiness? You captured it well, “a person who is at peace with herself,” which can then allow peace with everything!

      You’re so welcome. I’m honored to assist you on your inspired and inspiring path.

      May you always be aware of your abundant gifts and graces,


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