True Gurus

helpingHand_smOn my own spiritual path, I prefer working with real people rather than larger-than-life gurus.  My support system includes a fellow Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, a fellow Akashic Records teacher, a life coach, and a meditation teacher.  All four of them openly admit their human imperfections and if they claimed they knew all the answers and never faced challenges themselves, I wouldn’t work with them.  Self-proclaimed gurus who mistakenly believe or merely want you to believe they somehow transcended their own humanness and must show others the way only teach me by their negative example.  Give me a good, solid seeker with sufficient awareness and insight over a guru of wishful thinking any day.

My clients tend to assume I know all the answers, most likely because of what I reveal in their Akashic Records.  While I want my clients to feel confident, assured, and even blessed in our working relationship, I don’t want them to idolize me.  My healing gifts and connection don’t excuse me from human challenges and I seek authenticity, not perfection.  I value the richness and depth of feeling resulting from my own hard-won realizations and breakthroughs.  I’ve experienced healing miracles but also face human challenges like everyone else, hopefully with increasing awareness and grace.

Seek someone who illuminates a path back to yourself, back to embracing your human quirks and imperfections, not someone who either offers a fantasy or implies they can save you from yourself.  Most healing occurs through love and compassion whether the energy exchange is human or divine.  True healers see your innate soul-level perfection and know how to help you remember it as well.


  1. Thank you so much for your refreshing honesty, I also prefer working with real people, preferably people who have learned through their own life challenges, it’s much harder to relate o somebody who has never had to deal with at least some of the challenges I’ve tackled. Your readings have really been an enormous help to me, thank you!


    • Dear Hannelore,
      To say “You’re welcome” would be an understatement! I love how you’ve taken what you’ve learned in your readings and transformed your life – it’s inspiring! Thank you for sharing here and may your life bring you increasing joy.
      All the best,


  2. I particularly appreciated your encouragement to “seek someone who illuminates a path back to yourself, back to embracing your human quirks and imperfections.” I am grateful every day for the quirky individuals I’ve met on my life path that enrich my life …. and make me laugh. Present company included.


    • Dear Julie,
      I wouldn’t normally describe myself as quirky but I’ll take it as a compliment! You enrich my life and make me laugh as well. The path back to ourselves *is* the journey, glad I can accompany you on your path.
      All the best,


  3. Christy: Just catching up on all of your great posts. This one really hit home. I love the “down home real people” who embody integrity, humility and deep wisdom to listen and guide. That GURU/adoration thing just doesn’t float my boat…everyone has their own attraction factor. Keep on posting the good stuff.

    ~ Janet


    • Hi Janet, thanks so much for your interest and comment. I suspect the guru model “worked” in ancient times because it alleviated fears to some extent but now we can discern gurus are human too. Like you, I’d rather emulate and associate with the real people. 🙂


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