Your Jumper Cable Hands

JumperCables_sm2In Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, hands placed on a person perform the same function as jumper cables connected to a car battery.  In a car with a dead battery, insufficient energy gets circulated, thereby preventing the car from starting.  Jumper cables, connected to a power source such as another car’s battery, provide the necessary energy to get the system restarted.  Similarly, hands alter the energy movement in the body they touch.  Knowing where to place your hands allows you to redirect energy specifically aimed at whatever physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual “project” might be involved.

Jumper cabling, a term used in Jin Shin Jyutsu, involves only gentle pressure on the points in question.  You don’t massage the points, press them until they hurt, or do anything uncomfortable.  The analogy of jumping a car battery applies here too; you want to make contact but don’t need to use force.  If a point feels tender you might want to lighten your touch.  This art invites comfort, not pain or effort.

You can jumper cable yourself or someone else.  When holding points on your own body, no time limit applies because you can’t overwhelm yourself with your own energy.  If you apply the points to someone else or receive a treatment from a practitioner, the suggested guideline limits the receiver to one hour of JSJ every eight hours to prevent overwhelm.  Honoring this limit makes sense considering the power of this gentle healing art.

Do you believe you must experience something physically intense to experience healing?  Does transformation through light touch seem possible or impossible to you?

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