The Fear Precipitating Sadness

RainingSadness2_smFrom Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure we know the attitudes of worry, anger, trying to, sadness, and even total despondency originate from differing big fears.  In the JSJ model, sadness includes grief and guilt whereas depression falls under total despondency with a differing root cause.

Fear of impermanence underpins sadness in most cases, I learned in the Akashic Records.  While you know intellectually everything changes including your body, your friends, your family, even the Earth and the universe, it doesn’t mean you like it, especially when a change represents a loss.  You want the person back in your life, you wish you’d never said what you did, you want the fitness you once had, and so on.  Naturally most people want the “good” to last forever and hope the “bad” disappears.

So sadness protests reality, often fighting changes considered unacceptable or intolerable.  In these cases, sadness attempts to replace the present with the past.  Essentially it asks the world to stay static or at least for the enjoyable parts to remain unchanged.  Yet everything keeps changing despite your preferences.  Luckily even sadness itself changes over time.  Getting comfortable with change softens and dissipates sadness.

Do you find it comforting or disturbing knowing change permeates everything?  Do you fight some changes while welcoming others?  What do you tell yourself about change?

The Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help harmonizers for sadness are Safety Energy Locks 5 through 15, organ function self-helps Lung and Large Intestine, and the ring finger or “S” in WFAST.  You can gently hold the points for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths, for a fixed length of time, or until it feels done.

Please see these pages for help with harmonizing:
Safety Energy Lock Diagram 
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Organ Function Self-Helps 
Intense Emotions? Try WFAST-ing 

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    • Joanne, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Glad you gained a new perspective on sadness today. Sadness and depression share some elements so it makes sense we link them. Stay tuned for my future blog post on the fear behind “total despondency.”


    • Thanks for your feedback, Ernestine, I’m glad what I wrote brought a new view point to light for you. I’m with you (and most people, I suspect!) – some changes I welcome and others I’d rather decline.


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