Your Whole Soul

WholeSoul2_smThe Akashic Records emphasize the inherent wholeness of every human being, how each person’s completeness comes as part of their incarnation.  Humans arrive as whole distinct units, fully incarnated.  Partial humans do not exist, no one arrives broken nor breaks later, and human wholeness cannot be reversed or nullified.  Although a person might not be consciously aware of it, the fundamental truth of their wholeness exists nonetheless.

You may hear about wholeness, consider it an appealing concept, perhaps even see it in others, but at times feel you somehow got skipped.  How does feeling excluded from wholeness occur?  It may arise from adopting cultural, familial, or religious belief systems which cause self-alienation.  A lack of external validation from these sources or internalized fear can mislead you into believing in your own lack, causing you to search for something missing.  It bears repeating every human comes and remains a complete package.  Feeling broken indicates a persuasive misperception, not reality.

You incarnate to awaken to your wholeness.  While incarnated, each person experiments with different behaviors, situations, gifts, challenges, and relationships.  Difficult parents or an abusive relationship or a significant loss may be elected by a soul not for karmic punishment but for returning to wholeness.  In fact, unkind people or a seemingly unbearable loss might accelerate remembering soul level perfection.  Everything we humans do and experience invites returning to this awareness.

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When do you feel connected to your innate wholeness?  How can you invite this feeling more often?



  1. Hi Christy, A timely post with an interesting viewpoint regarding loss and wholeness. While grieving, it is so easy to think that we are forever shattered and the shards will remain scattered. Thank you for reminding us that a new normal will emerge. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      We do tend to believe we’re less resilient than we are and although it happens to all humans, loss shouldn’t be part of our personal experience. Yes, a new normal comes somehow, even when we can’t discern it plus we evolve as souls through each experience, even the difficult ones.

      Thanks for your comment and interest!


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