Inner Expert

knowing_smRecently I’ve been reminded I need to honor my own authority and trust my intuition.  In July 2012, a routine doctor’s appointment revealed unexpected weight loss which led to a diagnosis of celiac disease.  By the time of diagnosis, my autoimmune response to gluten caused my small intestine’s villi, normally hair-like structures waving around catching nutrients, to flatten.  Over the first year or so my health improved dramatically while I ate gluten-free and meticulously avoided possible sources of gluten cross-contamination but since August of this year I’ve experienced increasing digestive issues and exhaustion.

My sudden health reversal after months of improvement led me to try healing modalities I normally wouldn’t consider.  I tried to follow the recommended protocols and to take whatever wisdom and support I could find, but eventually realized I must trust my own sense of what does and doesn’t work for me.  While I found useful bits and pieces during my search for help, this experience primarily reminded me I don’t respond well to physically intense treatments, supplements, or when a practitioner finds their beliefs more compelling than my truth.  Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the Akashic Records, “food as medicine,” and meditation remain essential healing components for me.

The takeaway from my experience: You must honor your own knowing and exert your authority on your own behalf.  Even when ill or desperate, you still know better than anyone what you need.  What worked for someone else may or may not align to you.  If one approach fit everyone, we’d only need one approach!  Likewise do not allow anyone else’s apparent authority to veto your own knowing.  While you need practitioners with confidence in their work, you also want them to honor your reality and experience.  Get as calm and quiet as you can and listen to your inner expert around what you need.

For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 19 addresses owning your own authority whereas SEL 17 enhances intuition.  Safety Energy Lock Diagram

Ideally practitioners help you access what works for you.  Have you encountered people who helped you trust your knowing?  How do you get quiet enough to hear your own inner expert?


    • Thank you, Joanne. Honoring our own expertise is such a huge part of healing. Thank you for your good wishes – I love the idea of “my journey to wellness.” I’m definitely making good headway. 🙂


  1. Christy this is a great post! I’ve experienced some health issues including thyroid cancer. I was so stressed over it. The only other ‘solution’ I could find outside of surgery was more expensive than I could afford at the time. Today, looking back, I wish I had sought more information. Now I always worry about the possibility of medicine disappearing (something I can not live without). Some times it is hard to think clear when your overcome with fear!

    Keep on writing!


  2. The body tries to send signals and it’s important to be silent enough to listen and then do what the body is craving in order to bring about health. So many people we know lately are allergic to gluten. Wondering if it was always like this, or something that is becoming more and more prevalent.


    • Yes, our bodies are brilliant and know just what they need. In regards to gluten, wheat has changed significantly over time and our bodies haven’t evolved as fast. Also, there’s increased screening of various gluten-related issues now so there’s a corresponding increase in diagnoses, awareness, etc. but there were cases of celiac decades ago. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves with science, especially agricultural science.


  3. Thank you for reminding us not to dismiss our gut feelings (a.k.a. intuition). Due to all the media hype, the difficulty occurs when we reach out and try to decipher the best course of action to achieve re-alignment of the body. Sometimes I find throwing a question out to the universe “Like what is it going to take for ….. to be healed?” helps direction come my way.

    As always, a powerful blog Christy,


    • Thanks for your comment and lovely feedback, Norma. I love your suggestion of asking! While we know deep inside ourselves just what we need, sometimes asking allows it to surface or for guidance to come. A great strategy, for sure. Thanks again for posting! 🙂


  4. Christy, over the years I have watched people accept and reject some or all of what traditional medicine has prescribed, often for life-threatening illnesses. And often with remarkable results. As you say, each person has to follow her or his own truth. I look forward to spending time on your site to understand SEL better, and what pressure points affect what. I imagine they’re linked to the meridians?


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