The Fear Causing Total Despondency

despondency_smFrom Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure we know every JSJ “attitude” (worry, anger, sadness, trying to, and total despondency) originates from a different underlying fear.  Total despondency originates from the fear of meaninglessness.  As a human, you naturally search for meaning and when you don’t recognize anything as meaningful, you feel disconnected, and maybe even stop caring if it gets extreme.  Total despondency correlates with our modern times as lifestyles veered away from a community-based to a single-family or even single individual model while simultaneously valuing outward accomplishment and busyness over a life navigated via an internal compass and value system imbued with personal meaning.

In a lovely synchronicity, the JSJ self-helps associated with total despondency also connect you to heaven and earth.  Reconnecting clients to heaven and earth also comes up frequently in the intuitive healing instructions I receive, confirming disconnection from both our humanness and divine nature as a chronic symptom of our hectic times.  Of course those connections cannot be literally severed since they require no special permission or worthiness but sometimes the awareness of the connections dims and needs reawakening.

Meaning comes from both earthly and spiritual sources.  The earth connects you to yourself, other people, animals, and nature whereas heaven or spirit connects you to a bigger picture.  In some cases minute details of daily human life might enrich your aliveness and awareness whereas other times you might expand into the awe and wonder of the vast universe and what created it.  Noticing what you love, even something tiny, invites personal meaningfulness.

To support whatever treatments you currently use for despondency or if you simply want to welcome more meaning into your life, you can add the center of your palm, plus Umbilicus and Diaphragm self-helps to your toolkit.  Diaphragm connects to the source of life and Umbilicus harmonizes your connection to earth, whereas the center of your palm addresses both.

How do you find meaning in life?  What indicators alert you to a lack of meaning?

Please see these pages for help with harmonizing:
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Organ Function Self-Helps 
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Holds 
As always with self-helps, you can hold them for thirty-six in-breaths and out-breaths, a fixed length of time, or until it feels done.

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  1. I feel so helpless when I’m around people exhibiting these signs of total despondency. Definitely a growing concern in our achievement-oriented society. Thank you for sharing another thought provoking post.


    • Thanks for your post and interest, Joanne, I appreciate them and you as always! I agree it’s hard to watch people become progressively more alienated from what matters deeply. I do think this process is shifting back toward an inner orientation but I would love to see it embraced more rapidly and more universally. I would love for more people to question what achievement means to them.


  2. What a lovely piece. I tried something in a conversation today. Knowing that people often unconsciously mirror the physical behaviors of individuals with whom they are engaged in conversations, I gently touched this spot on my own hand while talking with someone who felt so alienated and alone. She mimicked my action and I could hear a genuine warmth fill her as we continued to speak and share with one another. Attention to our own inner core as well as JSJ self-helps completely help me tune into areas with trust and openness. Thanks for this enlightening piece, Christy.


    • Julie, love your comment and how you used what I wrote! How fun to see the magic of your personal warmth combined with the connection offered through the JSJ center of palm point. Thank you for sharing this.


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