Inviting Lighter

hiddenGift_smCollectively we take ourselves rather seriously.  We focus on challenges and forget to celebrate gifts, difficulties get more attention than what comes easily, and the people who bother us tend to occupy our thoughts more than the ones who inspire and lift us.  Perhaps a change in perspective could help.

Just for fun, consider a world where your current perceived shortcomings qualify as gifts.  You might be honored as a gifted procrastinator or lauded for your disorganization.  Maybe you specialize in complaining or have mastered false starts.  Or maybe you excel at avoiding exercise and healthy eating.  To add to the strangeness of this new world, you might be asked to share your expertise.  If you needed to teach others your “gift,” how would you do it?  What makes you a master at your gift?  If you get really curious, how does your gift work?

Imagine how you’d view other people in this new world.  Rather than getting hooked by someone’s behavior, say gossiping, you’d acknowledge their skill in the area.  “Edna mastered gossip, I wonder what other gifts she has.”  Suddenly what drives you crazy becomes someone’s expertise or specialty and a cause for curiosity rather than anger or frustration.  Could you find a way in this upside-down world to admire other people’s “gifts?”

Returning to our reality, whatever bothers you about yourself or others, when you make light of it you send a message of love and compassion to yourself.  Plus when you take some of the charge off the problem, you allow yourself more room to shift away from it.  In truth, our shortcomings are gifts sometimes simply because they reveal our humanness and sometimes because they direct us to what aches, to what requires additional loving care.  Somewhere under your judgment some softness resides, maybe even some amusement, the universal healer.

Remember we know from the Akashic Records everything in your life, even your shortcomings, optimizes your soul’s evolution.  For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 15 supports joy and laughter and SEL 8 invites the “magic of life.”

When do you feel lightest?  Can you invite light, ease, or even amusement around your shortcomings?  Can you let yourself be seen and heard in your full humanness?


  1. I haven’t always had that perception of things, but after reading your post I will definitely keep more of an open mind on the way I perceive things. Thank you so much for sharing that. I really needed to read all of that.


    • Hi Angela, thanks for your visit and your post. Trying to keep things fresh and interesting. We tend to think along the same old tracks over and over which tends to bring the same results over and over. You’re most welcome and thank you for your interest.


  2. I love this fun way of looking at our perceived shortcomings. Your timing right before the holidays, when so many of us put added stress on ourselves, is much appreciated.


    • Hi Annemarie, thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you loved it! I wasn’t thinking about it with respect to the holidays but you’re so right and I’m happy you mentioned it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  3. Christy, Looking at our shortcomings as gifts is an interesting way to jar us loose from habits that get us stuck. By doing this, we look at things in a different way, which may show a better way forward. Appreciate the insight in this practice. Thanks! Jon


    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks for your interest and comment. While we can’t always hold our shortcomings gently, even occasionally managing to can be powerful! Glad you saw things in a different light. All the best, Christy


  4. What a twist … to find the blessings in our shortcomings and shortcomings of others. Finding the blessing also allows us to find the love. This allows me to love and let go in areas that no longer serve my highest good. And I feel spectacularly grateful! Thank you so much for this meaningful post.


    • Ah Julie, you’re so right and you’re welcome indeed. We all know it all comes down to love but the how of it sometimes eludes us. The upside-down world approach allows us to get to the love without fighting the fear. Thanks for the new perspective. 🙂


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