The Spirit of Immunity

immunity_smWinter in the northern hemisphere brings the usual concerns about colds and flu as well as immune system considerations.  Robust immunity includes resilience as well as appropriate resistance.  With insufficient resistance you could succumb to the stressor and with excessive resistance you could overwhelm yourself with your own over-reaction, ideally you want your immune response to appropriately scale to whatever stress arises.

A healthy spirit of immunity originates in love.  I thank my Twitter chat companions who generously answered the questions I posed (see the chat transcript below) for reminding me of this.  When you love and commit to yourself, you attend to your needs which boosts your immunity, in turn allowing you to support your family members, community, and everyone in your circle whether local or global.

This love and commitment manifests on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  You take loving care of your physical body and its needs, you engage your intellect and creativity, you learn to accept your feelings and seek support around them when needed, and you engage in thoughts, practices and activities connecting you to spirit, to your soul identity and what moves you.  You widen your net of acceptance, non-judgment, and generous self-care, inviting all manner of support and reciprocating it as well.  This loving investment invites robustness, a cushion against unexpected events.  This cultivated immunity also enables you to broaden your sphere of influence and impact while fulfilling your soul’s purposes.

I moderated a “Well World” Twitter chat on this topic on December 1, 2013.  If you’d like to read my questions and the community’s answers about immunity, you can view the chat transcript here.

Here are two of the questions I posed in the chat.  What actions do you wish to take to improve your immunity?  What actions do wish to take to improve family/community/global immunity?


  1. Inspiring post and chat transcript! I’m sorry I missed the chat. Immunity is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Since my bout with cancer, I have made self-care a priority in my life. Setting effective boundaries and saying “No” more often have made a difference.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with all of us, Christy 🙂


    • Joanne, thank you as always! I wish you’d been able to attend the chat as well, your presence is always appreciated. Boundaries are such a huge part of immunity. Aww, thank you for your kind words, you’re welcome and it’s my privilege to been graciously seen and heard.
      All the best,


  2. I love this post Christy – a true testament that when you change how you feel about yourself and consequently change how you treat yourself – you change. And that includes the cells of your body! I love Joanne’s comment about learning effective boundaries and saying “no” more often. For myself, I have had to learn to put my needs first, which has helped my immune system as well. It seems funny that we have to learn or re-learn to love ourselves…but love is the key and without it, we run our immune systems into the ground.

    Thank you Christy – I’m adding more doses of self-love along with my vitamins this winter!


    • Thank you Karen for sharing here. Yes, we definitely send ourselves (and our cells!) a new message when we act in a self-supporting way. Sadly many of us had to move through an external focus before turning it back to where it’s most effective. So glad you’re adding self-love to your immunity plan this winter!
      Big hugs,


    • Karen! Thank you for the phrase, “…we run our immune systems into the ground…”. I did that. then dug myself back up, then dug back under, now digging out again. My temptation was to add, “I hope”, on that last bit, but that sounds like a ‘doubt’ statement, so ‘I trust’ feels better for me. It is so easy to bury myself with ‘stuff’, whether clutter, volunteerism, panic, people etc. My other thought was that “into the ground” can be a literal situation too, burial; I thought I was close, but it seems not, and I am thankful.


      • Teena, thanks for posting. I love how Karen’s comment generated so much insight for you! Burying ourselves is such a reflex, I think it takes tender loving care to stay above ground, visible, engaged with ourselves and the world. Plus huge dollops of forgiveness and acceptance at times. We do what we do because it “works” until we sometimes realize it doesn’t. I trust you’re surfacing again as well. Trust is such a great word.
        Grateful for you,


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