Release, Infuse, Invite

release_smI receive specific, concrete energetic instructions when I intuitively heal.  The details depend upon what each client presents and what she or he can best leverage in their current condition.  After pondering how to describe my intuitive healing, I realize I often release, infuse, and invite energy.

Releasing moves out old energy and patterns to prepare for new.  When an old pattern lingers you need to build sufficient momentum to dislodge it.  Preparing to release may require patience so practice self-kindness in this process as best as you can.  When you do release the past, you make room for fresh, healthier energy to replace anything stale or problematic.  To support this, you can use the affirmation “I release what no longer serves me.”

Infusing brings in new energy now, leveraging your current receptivity.  Nothing needs clearing and nothing needs to develop or change before you steep yourself in what aligns you more closely to your soul’s purposes.  Some space already exists, some room to receive.  You can affirm “I infuse what sustains and heals me.”

Inviting welcomes future shifts.  It accesses possibility and aligns you to positive potential.  Inviting also allows gentleness, to bring a shift without opposing anything.  What you resist persists but what you invite delights!  Even if you experience joy and satisfaction now, continuing to invite what aligns to you as a soul parallels continuing to drive your car in the direction you want to head.  Affirming this you could say “I invite what moves me to my soul-aligned future.”

Releasing, infusing, and inviting also apply to both the holidays and the new year.  Consider what you can shift over the holidays.  Likewise, what can you release, infuse, and invite in the new year?


    • Hi Joanne,
      You’re welcome – thank you for your continued interest and kind feedback. I liked that line too, I admit it. I thought “Oh, a quote card!” 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you!

      Warm regards,


  1. I particularly like the affirmation, ““I invite what moves me to my soul-aligned future.”
    I have a question … and maybe this something that may need to be answered in a future blog post, but how do you “receive specific, concrete energetic instructions when I intuitively heal” via long distance? I know you do it like no one I’ve ever experienced. I would really like to hear about your experience.
    Thanks for all you share!


    • Julie,
      Thanks for your interest and comment, glad you liked the affirmation! You ask a tough but great question. Let me begin by saying what happens in person is energetically no different than what happens in person when I intuitively heal. I tune into the person, listen for what needs shifting, and essentially take dictation and perform whatever is suggested. I believe it relates to empathy, being able to feel what others experience, only with a heightened attunement to what could bring more harmony. Yes, I’ll have to write a blog post on this!

      As an aside, this specifically refers to my intuitive healing, not to my Akashic Records readings. In the records I seek what information I can provide, not what energetic actions I can take.

      You’re most welcome! Thank you for your on-going interest and sharing.

      Big hugs,
      P.S. You felt those long distance hugs, right? 😉


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