Don’t Bother Reading Labels

label_smSay you want to improve your diet, maybe even lose a few pounds, and decide to read food labels more carefully.  Instead, how about selecting foods without nutrition labels like fruits and vegetables?  In my engineering days when people asked me what chemical engineers do I explained we figure out how to make money with chemistry, targeting everything from potato chips to computer chips.  This money-making focus doesn’t serve us as consumers when it comes to processed, genetically modified, and pesticide treated foods.  My long recovery from celiac disease, only now becoming a reality through modifying my diet well beyond the mandatory gluten free, convinced me we need to pay closer attention to the food aka “nutritional chemistry” we ingest.

I love the UK-based TV series The Food Hospital where a medical team customizes eating plans for patients with various medical conditions.  Their success rate in managing and often substantially improving symptoms supports what we know intuitively about the impact of food on health.  In one of my favorite episodes, they conducted an experiment comparing the behavior of kids eating typical party food versus ones eating healthier options at a school party.  Not only did the healthy eating group exhibit less aggressive behavior, they also performed assigned tasks more effectively and remembered better as well.  Clearly party food isn’t something to celebrate!

Even if you avoid engineered food, you still get exposed to toxins.  A few of the toxin-reducing Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure self-helps include Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 10 for environmental toxins, the lung organ flow targeting physical, mental, and emotional waste, and SEL 3 supporting your immune system.  Hold SEL 3 in combination with the same side SEL 15.  
JSJ Safety Energy Locks  
JSJ Organ Function Self-Helps 

While our minds may consider junk food as a treat, our bodies recognize nutritionally dense, diverse, low toxicity foods as the genuine goodies.  Nature still creates the best food for our bodies despite our technological advances.  These days I can’t seem to get enough roasted cauliflower and broccoli.  What are your favorite vegetables and fruits?  How do you prepare them?


  1. Excellent post! I’ve taken note of The Food Hospital…hopefully I can find it on my cable package. I love roasting peppers (yellow or orange) with zucchini and enjoy all fruits, especially cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes. Thanks for another informative post, Christy 🙂


    • Thanks, Joanne! Here in the U.S. The Food Hospital airs on The Cooking Channel but no episodes are currently airing. In the UK it’s shown on Channel 4. If you Google “Food Hospital Kids” you’ll find some links to this episode (Season 2, Episode 6) although I couldn’t find any consistently functioning ones which didn’t have potential copyright issues so I didn’t include them.

      I’m so glad you mentioned peppers! I haven’t had any in a while and they sound delicious. I love all fruits except grapefruit and especially love pineapple – yum!

      You’re welcome indeed, glad you enjoy my posts.
      All the best,


  2. Great and informative article, Christy. I’m personally trying to imbibe better nutritional habits into my diet. It comes down to discipline, I think. Fruits and vegetables are certainly the way to go.


    • Thanks, John. Discipline can be tricky when it feels like someone else’s rule we’re trying to adopt and not our own internal motivation. I think discipline gets much easier when we check in with what we want and keep redirecting our energy toward that.
      Thanks again for your interest and comment,


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Nathan. Olive oil is a great, healthy alternative to butter which tastes good too! Not all olive oils are created equal, though, so you may want to pay a little more for a higher quality, richer tasting oil.


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