52 Weekly Blog Posts At A Glance

review_smI dragged my feet starting a blog, not sure I could sustain weekly blogging but here we are one year later!  Below you’ll find a list of my first year of posts, each with a short summary phrase, for quick reference.

As always, my kind readers, I love your feedback so please let me know if you’d like to hear more about any aspect of my work or my journey or if you have any questions or comments.  Also, what post or posts still strike you as personally meaningful?



Posts 1 through 10:

Say What?  What is Jin Shin Jyutsu® and how do you pronounce it?
Your Personal Inside Scoop  What do the Akashic Records contain?
Akashic Search Engine  How the Akashic Records reveal our soul intentions
Entering Your Soul’s Archive  How To Read The Akashic Records (Linda Howe’s book)
Your Helping Hands  How we help ourselves with our hands without even knowing it
“I’m So Over It!” – Now What?  Get unstuck with the Akashic Records
Undercover Healers Outed  How deep listening heals
Intense Emotions? Try WFAST-ing  Harmonize intense emotions with your fingers
I’ll Be Myself (IBM)  Why I quit my decades-long engineering career at IBM
Self-Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry  Release the habitual “I’m sorry”

Posts 11 through 20:

Our Power Points  Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure points
The Fear Fueling Anger  Revealing the fear behind anger
Nothing to Sneeze At: Self-Help for Allergies  Jin Shin Jyutsu self-helps for allergies
What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?  How you can’t get it “wrong”
Growing Patience  Appreciate “now”
Generous Self-Care  How everyone benefits from your self-care
Getting Grounded  Grounding techniques
The Fear Creating Worry  Revealing the fear behind worry
Remembering Your Goodness  You’re fundamentally good, even at your worst
Get Real  Face and accept reality

Posts 21 through 30:

Oh! – My God  Why I now believe in a higher power
The Fear Masked By “Trying To”  Revealing the fear behind pretense, perfectionism, “trying to”
Always Connected  Feel connected to everything around you
Time Squeeze  Make peace with time
In, Out…Repeat  Good health depends upon your inhale and exhale
Believing What You Wish  See people how they are, not how you wish they were
Change Your L.U.C.K.  Embrace Love, Understanding, Compassion, and Kindness
Clearing Karma  How intensity relates to karma
True Gurus  Identify good spiritual teachers
Align to Signs  In Jin Shin Jyutsu each astrological sign pertains to a flow

Posts 31 through 40:

Authentically Yours  Be yourself unapologetically
Judge Not, Fear Not, Resist Not  Free yourself from fear and its companions
Filtering Thought-Spam  Label junk thoughts as “spam”
Mastering Ignore  Practice ignoring your spam-thoughts
Your Jumper Cable Hands  How you can use your hands to heal yourself or others
Your Hands or Mine?  Working with a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner versus self-help
The Fear Precipitating Sadness  Revealing the fear behind sadness
My Apologies  The power of apologizing just once by doing it well
Your Whole Soul  Remember you’ve always been whole
Inner Expert  When you seek help, trust your intuition

Posts 41 through 52:

Piecing Reality Together  How I distorted reality in my celiac journey
The Fear Causing Total Despondency  Revealing the fear behind total despondency
Inviting Lighter  Playfully reframe your “negative” traits and tendencies
The Spirit of Immunity  Invite robustness
Give Yourself The Benefit of The Doubt  Go easier on yourself, a great investment
Inviting Satisfied  Digestion occurs in both your mind and your gut
Release, Infuse, Invite  Accelerate your healing
Mastering Do-Overs  The kind, constructive alternative to New Year’s resolutions
Seeing Eye to Eye?  Drop comparisons
Don’t Bother Reading Labels  Nourish yourself with whole foods
How Do You Know?  Update your beliefs about yourself
Shifting From Pros and Cons to Knowing  Keep pros and cons as a tool but your knowing as your compass


  1. What a wonderful bounty of riches! I have bookmarked this post and will refer to it often. As for selecting my favorite post…each post spoke to me in a different. way. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Christy 🙂


    • Thanks, John. It reminds me of the advice to writers that if you write a page a day you have 365 pages at the end of the year. Somehow post by post I ended up getting a year’s worth!
      All the best to you,


  2. What a brilliant summary of your posts … all in one package. I’ve bookmarked this page so I can use it as an index of articles and advice for when I need it. Thanks again for all of your wise and heart-felt words.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Julie! I love the idea of bookmarking the page since so much is represented here. You’re welcome and thank *you* for your continued support and interest.
      Warm regards,


  3. Thanks for the year’s summary and a huge CONGRATULATIONS for managing a weekly and interesting blog! Thank you for sharing you, your journey and such helpful, thought-inspiring posts! ♥


    • Teena, your words touched me deeply. I’m glad my sharing has made an impact on you. You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure. Thanks for the congratulations and for your support!
      Much light and love,


    • Thank you, Nathan. It’s funny because I considered suggesting bookmarking it within the post itself but decided people could decide for themselves whether it was material they wanted to keep handy. I’m glad it’s a “keeper.” Thanks for the kudos, I appreciate it!


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