Don’t Set Your Money on Fire

money_sm“Don’t set your money on fire,” I heard in a recent Akashic Records reading.  My empathetic and compassionate client worried a lot about a dear colleague and friend she feared might get cut in the rumored impending layoffs at their company.  In response, the records compared worrying, a form of energetic “spending,” to setting money on fire.  You only have so much energy “currency” just as you only so much time or money.  Instead of worrying, the records suggested she invest in comforting herself, finding ways to attend to her own needs around what might or might not happen.

The records also brought forth the idea of an “energetic global bank account” and how you can make deposits or withdrawals depending on how you spend your energy.  Essentially where you focus either assists you and everyone else or it doesn’t.  While worrying generally doesn’t create external harm, you end up losing energy you could spend more wisely elsewhere.  Finding a way to “invest” adds to the global account and benefits you as well.

After drafting this post I happened upon a quote from Mary Burmeister who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ)  to the U.S., “Worry is paying interest on money I don’t have,” another interesting metaphor between worry and money.  Worry always pertains to something imagined, not real.

Harmonize worry with the Jin Shin Jyutsu self-helps of thumb, Safety Energy Locks (SEL) 1 through 4, and Organ Functions Stomach and Spleen.  If you’d like to learn more about worry, I wrote about The Fear Creating Worry here.

How do you “burn” energy?  Care to share some of your better energetic investments?


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