Eyesight, Insight, Foresight

sight_smEyesight, insight, and foresight relate to one another in Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure.  These three “sights” contribute to your overall vision in life on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels, all of which contribute to clear seeing and knowing.  What you see with your eyes depends upon your vision but also your focus, your interpretation of what you see, plus any significance you attach to it.

Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 2 supports your physical eyesight.  It also improves inhaling and addresses everything in your physical body.  “Taking it all in” with your eyes parallels filling your lungs with oxygen, receiving everything available to you.  SEL 2 also relates to alignment, physical and otherwise.   Nearsightedness and farsightedness represent alignment issues, affecting your focal plane.

In the mental body realm, Safety Energy Lock 11 improves insight by moving you toward “Oh, I see now!”  SEL 11 also assists with unloading the burdens of past and future which frees mind space to perceive more swiftly and accurately.  An unencumbered mind allows you to process, prioritize, and record the visual information you receive.

Finally, in the spiritual aspect, Safety Energy Lock 20 supports your third eye knowing or foresight.  Your inner eye creates another kind of vision, a way of receiving information from a spiritual vantage point.  It also puts the information you receive in a larger context, connecting you to your higher consciousness.

A numerology side note: the pertinent SELs for vision discussed here each represent a “2.” To obtain the numerology base number, you add the individual digits in a number, thus for eleven you add one plus one, reducing it to a two.  Likewise twenty becomes two plus zero, also a two.

How have your eyesight, insight, and foresight prevented regrets in hindsight?  Or is hindsight indeed the clearest vision of all?


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