Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt

boomerang_sm2Not long ago, I wrote about giving yourself the benefit of the doubt to lift your own energy and health. We know from the Akashic Records (and life!) giving others the benefit of the doubt can also dramatically impact how you and other people feel.  The saying “the arrow you shoot passes through you first” applies here.  Feeling judgmental, unforgiving, or angry impacts you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Giving the benefit of the doubt allows you to take a breath before spiraling into what may or may not be true.  This golden pause, particularly if you can dwell in its lighter energy, contributes to your health and well-being.

Everyone constantly transmits and receives energetic information, consciously or otherwise.  Notice how it feels to experience others’ negative assumptions, even when they don’t pertain to you personally.  Consider what energy you want to share with the world.  Remember what you send often gets returned to you.  Every positive shift, even quietly within yourself, contributes to global well-being.

Assuming the worst about people generally doesn’t improve the situation.  We know everyone does their best in the moment and most people notice when their “best” falls short, so adding the burden of external disapproval, whether voiced or kept quiet, doesn’t help in most cases.  While setting boundaries and taking appropriate care of yourself always makes sense, you can also have a surprisingly big impact making generous assumptions about what other messy humans who, despite their best efforts, must often course correct.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt broadens your internal permission to direct compassion toward yourself as well.

What happens when you give others the benefit of the doubt?  Does it feel liberating or like a “should?”


  1. Christy,

    Excellent points but what a challenge to do! Being generous in our assumptions when someone seems to be trying to thwart us is a very tough thing to do. However, as you point out, we are all “messy” humans at various times so why waste our energy being narrow in our assumptions of another? If we are generous, our mindset will keep more centered and growing forward.

    Thanks for a great reminder and challenge!



    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks for your comment and insights. I think you hit the operative aspect of this: “when someone *seems* to be trying to thwart us.” We’re the ones making the assumptions and many a misunderstanding originated in incorrect assuming. Generosity gets a bad reputation as perhaps being gullible or foolish when in fact it spares us substantial suffering and misery when we approach from the positive side. You’re welcome indeed for both the reminder and the proposed ease. 😉
      Warm regards,


  2. Hi Christy,
    Definitely a challenge to overlook the messiness or “make generous assumptions” about others. But as you have so eloquently stated, it is essential for our physical, mental and emotional health. Thanks for another inspiring and thought-provoking post.


    • Hi Joanne,
      You’re welcome, thanks for interest and comment! I think the challenge is in letting ourselves trust we’ll feel better when we reduce how much static we generate for ourselves and others. Frustration is another one of those unproductive states of being which helps no one and causes us to leak energy. Generosity actually reimburses us rather quickly. 🙂
      All the best,


  3. Hi Christy,
    This is beautiful! As I continue to deepen my understanding and perception of energy I have recognized so much more how I am impacted by others energetic footprint as well as my own. And subtle shifts can have tremendous impact, like the ripple of the pebble dropped in the water. The phrase “golden pause” is a great one that will help to further anchor this concept for me. It also gives the space to ask further questions, whether audible or only in our minds, for greater clarity of motivation and understanding. I have been working recently with the realization that we can find evidence in the universe for whatever we are seeking and your post supports this concept. If we are looking for evidence of people/actions that demonstrate kindness, thoughtfulness, care, concern, etc we can find them. If we are looking for evidence of lack of caring, laziness, etc, we can find that too.
    Thank you for always stirring my thoughts in just a few short paragraphs.


    • Dear Tricia,
      I love your comment – it’s practically a blog post by itself! “Energetic footprint” is a great way to describe what we leave when we move around this world with all our perceptions, biases, judgements, and if we’re spiritually adept we also bring our kindness and compassion. What a lovely trail to leave!

      Yes! – we do tend to see and experience what we expect we shall so shifting our filters to allow us to detect the goodness all around us and within us, dramatically alters not only what happens but how we perceive it. The observer always impacts what is observed.

      You’re welcome, I’m so glad my posts stir your thoughts. Thank you for your continued interest and your great comment. 🙂

      Much light and love,


  4. I love the thoughtful reminder about releasing judgement. When I give others “the benefit of the doubt,” it does indeed broaden my “internal permission to direct compassion toward [my]self as well.” Thank you for such beautiful insights.
    Many blessings,


    • You’re welcome, Julie, and thank *you* for your feedback and lovely comment. As we move through life, we certainly encounter problematic people and situations but they reveal themselves without us needing to tune our radar to “judge” all the time! Of course whatever we judge (or admire) also is in us. May we all realize inner and outer peace!
      Much peace and many blessings,


  5. Christy, the wisdom and kindness of this message struck me when you initially posted it. I was lead to reread it today and found such comfort and release from your message. Thank you!


    • Paula,
      I’m so glad what I wrote comforts you! Thanks for sharing your response to it, I’m always moved to hear what I’ve written has helped someone.
      In gratitude and with warm wishes,


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