Book: The Abascal Way To Quiet Inflammation

AW_billboard_smLast fall one of my Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) instructors recommended The Abascal Way: To Quiet Inflammation for Health and Weight Loss by Kathy Abascal.  At the time, I still battled significant fatigue, insomnia, and inexplicable overeating.  I worked with the plan a couple months on my own and then took the author’s five part on-line course earlier this year.

According to the author, inflammation always underpins ill health, whether physical, mental, or emotional.  In the plan, she recommends eliminating known and potentially inflammatory foods, and adding anti-inflammatory ones, especially leafy greens, fats high in omega 3’s, and berries.  Many eliminations only last a short while, just to assess your personal reaction to them.  Others, such as sugar and alcohol, you never test because they cause inflammation in everyone.  Other plan elements include specific ratios of proteins to other foods, removing most processed items, and eating three meals plus two snacks each day to balance blood sugar.

The TQI plan continues to improve my health dramatically.  My fatigue and insomnia keep lifting and I continue to decipher which seemingly innocuous foods triggered my formerly inexplicable overeating.  I still have a long list of eliminated foods but believe over time I can desensitize myself to many of those foods and re-introduce them.

Many people in the on-line class reported huge improvements in both health and weight.  If you face any health challenge or if you want to lose weight, check out TQI.  The author bases her recommendations on current scientific research and explains both the research and her conclusions clearly.  I also appreciate how it aligns with common sense and doesn’t advocate any extreme food choices.  You can check it out here: TQI website 

Have you ever modified your diet to improve your health?  Do you pay attention to whether the foods you eat are inflammatory or not?


    • Hi Joanne, it’s definitely a great resource. I don’t think it’s for everyone but it can be of real benefit to anyone either facing a health challenge or committed to preventing them.

      Thanks for your comment and interest,


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