Free Pass For Procrastinators

FreePass_smLove and compassion invite personal shifts far better than fear and criticism do.  The more unacceptable you find your own procrastination, the more tenacious it becomes.  Even the label “procrastination” itself contains a kernel of judgment since virtually no one views it positively.  Releasing your self-judgment offers a free pass out of the pattern.

Where you focus determines your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Both feelings and actions arise from thoughts and where you direct those thoughts underpins the entire process.  Say you tell yourself you want to start exercising but day after day passes and you don’t start.  Each successive day without exercise you feel more guilty and judge yourself more for procrastinating.  Your thoughts focus on the past, on your regret, and your feelings follow.  While you experience those painful thoughts and feelings, constructive action becomes harder and harder, thus creating a negative cycle.  Focus instead on what you want, in this case exercise, and direct your thoughts, feelings, and action to it.  Doing what you want actually requires much less energy than struggling to do what you want!

For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure self-helps, Safety Energy Locks (SEL) 9 and 14 harmonize procrastination.  SEL 9 supports completing projects as well as the fear of success whereas SEL 14 helps you get started and invites mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment.  Both of these SELs also release regret, grief, and guilt.  You’ll find the points here: Safety Energy Lock Diagram I recommend holding the points for at least two minutes while attending to your breath.  Substitute SEL 19 for SEL 9 when applying self-help since SEL 9 is difficult to reach.

Can you release the procrastinator label?  What happens if you stop trying to self-improve and accept yourself in the moment?


  1. Hi Christy, I have been procrastinating for some time regarding my yoga practice. I know I’ll feel wonderful once I get back into it, but somehow, I find myself putting it off with myriad excuses, among them the polar vortex. Thanks for this very timely and uplifting post! Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for the chuckle about the polar vortex. Here’s the funny thing about our lives: not doing something like yoga is perfect for us until doing something like yoga becomes perfect for us. I don’t mean it in a flippant way, merely that priorities change in time. Perhaps you’re not procrastinating, perhaps you’re preparing. 🙂 I’ll definitely write a post about the good side of procrastination.

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you found the post timely and uplifting.



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