No Second-Guessing

2ndguess_smDo you often question your choices, second-guessing yourself?  When I explored a client’s second guess in her Akashic Records, I learned “there’s no such thing as second-guessing since the first choice wasn’t a guess.”  Decisions, especially significant ones, require factual information combined with intuition.  In the unusual case of an uninformed decision or wild guess, it usually represents a low-stakes choice, one not worth second-guessing.

Second-guessing arises when your judging mind wonders whether you got it “right,” whether you can avoid unpleasantness or discomfort or regret by switching to a “better” choice.  Unfortunately even if you switch to another option your mind might continue to question your choice.  Second-guessing, like any mind training you “practice,” can become habitual.

If you find yourself second-guessing, remember how you arrived at your initial decision.  You learned what you could, digested the information available to you, tuned into your intuition, and picked what seemed best.  Even the most refined discernment won’t guarantee a particular outcome, sometimes experience fills in the missing data once you follow through with the choice.

For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure self-helps, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 2 addresses indecision.  All the self-helps for worry also calm second-guessing energy.  These include the thumb, stomach organ self-help, spleen organ self-help, and SELs 1 through 4.  The liver organ self-help assists with planning and organization, harmonizing imbalances on both sides of “just enough.”

JSJ Safety Energy Locks  
JSJ Organ Function Self-Helps 

When do you find yourself second-guessing?  How do you stick with your decisions?


  1. A timely post! I’ve been second guessing a decision I made recently and wondering if the other option would have been a better choice. I’ve reread the third paragraph several times. Thanks Christy 🙂


    • Dear Joanne,
      I’m so glad the post was timely! Our minds love second-guessing, it reminds me of a dog wrestling and worrying over a bone. The other interesting piece is how second-guessing undermines our choice which then weakens both the choice and us. Once we release the waffling, the choice can blossom into its full potential. I hope this proves true for you.
      Best wishes,


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