Family of Souls

family_smFamily gatherings may kindle warm memories, intense frustrations, or something more neutral.  From your soul’s perspective, your family members including those acquired by marriage or adoption represent the optimal teachers and connections for you in this lifetime.  According to the Akashic Records, you incarnate repeatedly with the same twenty to thirty souls and make pacts with them to explore specific themes and life lessons.

Every relationship, even ones with frustrating family members, helps you advance your realization of your innate soul-level goodness.  You sometimes learn this best via difficult people and relationships and other times through ample harmony and support.  The angst-inducing ones may not make sense from your human perspective since a neglectful parent, an abusive spouse, or a mean-spirited child could undermine your faith in human goodness.  Over time, however, they may provide the ideal fuel to recognize your value doesn’t depend on others and you can choose what actions best support your development and satisfaction.

My Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe suggests asking “How is this good for me?” resorting to “How can this possibly be good for me?” as needed.  Look for the positive aspects of a given relationship.  So say you experience a tumultuous marriage which ends in a messy divorce.  How could it possibly be good for you?  Perhaps you learned great self-care or developed some authentic and supportive friendships or learned to voice your opinion.  Every experience, even with “characters” you associate with turmoil in your life, invites you back to yourself and your fundamental wholeness.

Most people have family members they relate to better than others.  What happens when you view your more challenging relatives as soul-level teachers?



  1. Hi Christy,
    Great topic! And timely, especially in the aftermath of a major holiday. So many of life’s lessons are learned within the family unit. And sometimes we don’t see the blessings until much later. I like this => “your value doesn’t depend on others and you can choose what actions best support your development and satisfaction.”
    Hope you had a happy Easter.


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thank you! Yes, Easter was on my mind when I wrote the post. Some blessings are much easier to see in hindsight, aren’t they?

      I did enjoy the holiday and hope you enjoyed yours as well.
      Warm regards,


  2. I was deeply moved by your words in this selection, Christy. The question, “How can this possibly be good for me?”, ideally provides me with an opportunity to determine whether a particular thought is giving me joy … or causing pain. I can celebrate, agonize, or release and let go – and go back to the celebration!
    Happy Spring!


    • Thanks for your interest and post, Julie. You’re so right, it’s all about our thoughts – as usual! Playing with the possibility that even our challenges, frustrations, and limitations might serve us in some way can definitely bypass suffering and invite joy. I love the idea of you celebrating! May you find plenty to celebrate. 🙂
      Happy Spring to you as well,


  3. I love this question:

    ”How can this possibly be good for me?”

    As soon as we open to POSSIBILITIES for good, we can see and move toward them. It’s a great question to ask even if we can’t immediately answer the question. Our subconscious mind will show us the answer(s).

    Many blessings,


    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for your interest and comment. I love how you emphasized POSSIBILITIES since they suddenly seem even richer in potential. You’re so right, all the answers are already inside of us and even if we don’t have a ready answer, it’s comforting to realize there’s always a good reason somewhere, particularly from a soul perspective.
      Warm regards,


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