Admit What You Love

LoveMagnetSmallWhat you love defines you uniquely in all space and time.  Every aspect of what you love from the most significant people in your life to the tiniest experience that moves you for no apparent reason contributes to your identity.  The more you authentically share yourself with the world, the more all of us benefit from your presence.  Consider the people, places, animals, ideas, ways of being, forms of expression, and so on which deeply matter to you and pay attention to your life satisfaction.  Higher satisfaction indicates a healthier intake of what you love, of what supports you specifically.

I love the word admit with its dual meaning of confess and allow.  When you admit what you love from the standpoint of confessing it, you reveal yourself, reveal what matters most deeply.  In the process, you bypass the fears which result in pleasing others at your own expense, hiding your authentic self for fear of exposure, and playing either small or insecurely big.  Often admitting the truth to yourself precedes declaring it to the world through your words and actions.

When you admit what you love while allowing, you broadly invite what supports you, lights you up, and energizes you for your highest good and everyone else’s.  When receiving what resonates most strongly with you, you magnetize a flow of aligned goodness toward you.  The positive feeling of connecting to what you love then attracts more of what you want and thus a positive cycle activates.

For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-helps, the Umbilicus Organ Function energy helps you feel warmth toward yourself and also addresses feeling invisible. JSJ Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 13 promotes harmony with all beings including yourself. If you find worry, fear, anger, sadness, or “trying to” interfere with admitting what you love, please visit my previous post Intense Emotions? Try WFAST-ing describing finger holds for harmony. I suggest holding each self-help for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths while attending to your breath.

Do you feel comfortable admitting what you love?  Has it gotten easier over time?



  1. Hi Christy, Thank you for reminding us about the dual meaning of “admit” and the importance of revealing ourselves. It’s so easy to hide behind our social masks and still hope to improve the quality of our lives. Thanks again for another thought-provoking post. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      You’re welcome, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I do love words, don’t you? “Admit” has been on my radar for a while now and I finally felt compelled to write about it. I like the concept of a “social mask” – it reminds me of the Sue Monk Kidd quote in your blog post today about removing veils. May we all gain the courage to be seen and heard as our true selves.
      All the best,


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