Perfect Choices

answers_smMy background in science and engineering taught me to think linearly, to believe arriving at the right answer just required sufficient know-how and effort.  However, what served me in the engineering world worked poorly in most of the rest of life.  Perfectionism, a desire to control, seeking right answers, and the worship of effort over grace don’t work well when it comes to life’s mysteries.

When my intuitive healing abilities unexpectedly surfaced in 2007, my sudden undeniable awareness of something much larger than I forced me to reframe my own knowledge and efforts.  Surrendering to a higher power didn’t require a leap since I had no ability or training whatsoever to heal on my own.  I entered an unfamiliar classroom.

During my first Jin Shin Jyutsu® acupressure class, our instructor Muriel Carlton replied to questions about how to approach projects with “You are the artist.”  I interpreted this as her unwillingness or perhaps inability to explain the “right” approach, not understanding each practitioner must honor both their accumulated knowledge of the complex ancient art as well as their intuition.  Knowing every flow contributes to harmony and we as practitioners can “do no harm” didn’t satisfy me then but comforts me now.

My Akashic Records teacher Linda Howe says “Every reading is perfect for you and for the person you are reading.”  Again this perfection refers to our highest good from our soul’s perspective, not from the point of view of our human preferences.  When giving readings I again feel guided and led, aware I couldn’t hope to do it better myself, couldn’t improve on its inherent perfection.

Thus everything I say and every action I take represents a perfect choice, the divine and much more forgiving version of a right answer.  I still study, still learn, and still occasionally briefly wonder why the universe leads me one direction and not another, but I also enjoy the freedom knowing I don’t direct either the work or what results from my actions.  It feels like an offering, not me trying to force something to happen.

When do you feel led?  When do “right answers” seem to surface most naturally?  When do you surrender to a greater knowing?


  1. Hi Christy, I spent almost five decades on the linear path, obsessed with order and preciseness. All that changed when I received a cancer diagnosis just a few months before my 50th birthday. While I haven’t completely abandoned my left-brain strengths, I am more open to the twists and turns of the non-linear path that awaits me. I must admit life is more interesting when it’s not so predictable. Thanks for sharing, Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      I love your comment – thank you for it! Left-brain strengths are great tools and I don’t know what I’d do without them. Now I can use them more fluidly and situationally rather than rigidly applying them to everything. Some things (and people!) seem to calcify over time, it seems we’re doing the opposite. So I tell myself, anyway. 😉
      Warm regards,


  2. “…this perfection refers to our highest good from our soul’s perspective…” – that can help clarify the resistance to the word “perfection” that occasionally pops up in the world of linear knowledge. Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Kumud,
      Thanks for your comment and for the smile it brought! Divine perfection definitely conforms to different guidelines than human perfection-ism, I appreciate your observation about the resistance it causes.
      Warm regards,


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