Your Energetic Fingerprint

keeping_smWhat you keep in your living space constitutes your energetic fingerprint since no one else possesses exactly what you do.  The energy of each item continuously impacts you, sometimes at a conscious level but often not, and in a house full of possessions the influence gets magnified.  Consider yourself energetically marinating in your stuff so ideally you surround yourself with possessions well-aligned to your wants, needs, and feelings or, in other words, support you rather than undermine you.

Spring cleaning gives you a chance to revisit the energy of your stuff.  Ferreting out forgotten items, ones which have outlived their appeal, or you wouldn’t choose now or perhaps ever, refreshes your space as well as your sense of well-being.  Energetically this opens you to new possibilities as well as releasing the burden of belongings which don’t move you at a heart level.

Why do you hold items which either no longer or never pleased you?  Perhaps you worry you’ll need a particular item some day.  Keeping old sheets as future drop-clothes for painting doesn’t make sense if you know you’ll hire a painter.  Or maybe you received an unappealing item as a gift and don’t want to offend the giver.  Inheriting items which don’t speak to you may also burden you with unaligned-to-you stuff.  To optimize feeling supported in your space, surround yourself with what you love and release what you don’t as much as you can.  During the elimination process, return again and again to what pleases you and give yourself permission to honor your preferences.

From the Jin Shin Jyutsu® Japanese acupressure perspective, many self-helps address elimination (think exhale) but a couple seem specifically pertinent to eliminating unwanted possessions.  The Bladder Organ Function self-help addresses hoarding as well as stinginess, lack, and feeling you can’t get enough.  Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 1 helps you let go.

What makes you keep unwanted items?  Do you feel stuck with certain items by someone or something outside yourself?  Can you pare down to what feels good and aligned, leaving room for energy to circulate and for future highly resonant items to come into your space?


  1. Hi Christy, It struck me how cleanly you illustrated this concept (pun intended) and the for me the timing of this post is perfect and helpful.
    Thank you,


  2. Hi Christy, I like the concept of an energetic fingerprint. I’m a minimalist and actually enjoy decluttering. And I agree that we need to make space for more of life’s goodies. Thanks for another excellent post. 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Ah, to be a minimalist! I’m a minimalist at heart but still getting there in terms of my space. I suspect it’s my love of words and meaning that makes it hard to part with some of the written material (books, paper documents, my old writings) in my world yet it feels great when I release what no longer resonates.

      You’re welcome. Thanks again for your continued interest and comments.



  3. When I first began learning about Feng Shui, I was sad, depressed, and crushed with victim overload. I started to pay attention to what was around me and “woke up!” My house was filled with dead stuff: branches, paintings of trees with no leaves, a big bowl of safety pins by my bed side (I have no idea what that was about). Most importantly, I looked around my bedroom and it was filled with photos of the most critical people in my life. I filled my home with color, live plants, and rid myself of at least half of the things I owned by donating them to organizations. I can feel a new “ferreting out” coming on. I realize, as you wisely state, “Energetically this opens you to new possibilities as well as releasing the burden of belongings which don’t move you at a heart level.” I like having a happy heart! ❤


    • I love that, Julie, thanks for sharing! I had a similar experience with Feng Shui both with the contents of our house and the energy of it. After our house was “space cleared,” something I wasn’t sure I believed in then but rely upon now, I felt safe here for the first time. Oddly I hadn’t realized I didn’t feel safe until after the clearing was done! Sometimes we forget we’re constantly immersed in energy from people, places, and things.

      So glad to hear of your happy heart!

      Warm regards,


  4. Hi Christy,
    This is amazingly relevant to me right now. I am feeling my energy changing for the better. Tossed old magazines, papers, items I saved to read, junk I saved, etc. I filled a huge garbage can and feel lighter and liberated. There is more to do; but, starting felt fabulous!

    Thank you! I appreciate you!


    • Hi Lori,
      Woohoo on feeling lighter and liberated! I’m so grateful to you shared your progress as it’s inspiring me to consider what other unaligned stuff I can release this weekend.

      You’re welcome, and thank you, I appreciate you as well!

      All the best,


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