Conflicting Thoughts? Go Deeper

cookies_smEver noticed how your mind broadcasts contradictory demands?  For example, your mind might tell you to lose five pounds but also urge you to eat a bag of cookies.  Or it might rant about how it wants you to sell your house immediately while at the same time warning you not to lower your asking price.  Maybe it tells you how much you have to do while also berating you for not taking more down time.  “Wrong” choices surround you when you try to appease your mind!

The mind craves more superficial, small-minded, short-term satisfactions over deeper soul level ones.  It wants to feel smart, attractive, thin, and gifted, just to name a few.  Often it aims to feel superior to other people, set apart and isolated in a supposedly good way.

As humans we crave connection, not isolation.  When conflicting thoughts arise, reconnect to your true self, other people, and the planet.  Your true self doesn’t care how much you weigh, what you eat, whether your house sells, or how much work you complete.  It craves peace, ease, contentment, connection, and joy.  When you focus on what matters to your deeper self, the mind concerns slide to the back of your awareness.

If you’d like to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu® (Japanese acupressure) self-helps to support this shift, the Stomach, Diaphragm, and Umbilicus Organ Function self-helps address connectedness.  Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 9 helps with transformation, discernment, and wisdom whereas SEL 15 connects you to the earth and also invites joy and laughter.  SEL 13 connects you to your deepest knowing and spirituality.

What deeper desires could transcend your contradictory thoughts?  What tools do you use to connect to what deeply matters to you?



  1. This is such a powerful selection. It is so easy to defer to the mind to guide the way – sort of like a dog expecting guidance from his tail. Thank you for the reminder to connect at a soul level to my true self and reminding me about the importance of staying grounded.
    Lots of blessings,


    • Julie,
      Thanks for your comment and also the good laugh you gave me around the dog expecting guidance from its tail – so funny! Interesting, isn’t it, how staying grounded and connected to our true selves are essentially one and the same?
      Peace and blessings to you as well,


  2. Hi Christy, Thanks for reminding us about the importance of connecting to our true selves. Those pesky ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) must be ignored. BTW…I love these Monday morning bursts of inspiration. Joanne 🙂


  3. Hi Christy. Thank you so much for this thought. I was just thinking today how I can intellectually understand something, yet I still react on a nearly instinctive level toward a connection that I created as a child and one that was unhealthy. As an adult, I can see the reaction is not a healthy one for me, yet I have to find a way back to my soul connection, rather than follow the path I created as a child to maintain safely. I have been reacting much as Julie says about the dog being guided by its tail. I trust this awareness of past reactions is the start to a new and healthier expression to life.


    • Hi Teena,
      You’re welcome and thank *you* for sharing. Yes, the intellectual understanding leads to awareness which then moves us toward a new choice. Sometimes it’s an easy shift but other times it takes many iterations so kindness towards ourselves is essential. I’ve come to believe the kindness itself is as important as the change being attempted. May we all expand our hearts to extend kindness to ourselves!
      Peace and Blessings,


  4. Hi Christy – Thank you for another insightful post. It seems that all of the external data is what stimulates the mind, whereas our inner data is the source of our true guidance. Another great reminder of needing to live from the inside out rather than vice versa. I am also often struck by the observation that we can feel seemingly contradictory emotions about a single experience.
    Thank for always posting such thought provoking ideas that are so valuable, even when I am unable to articulate a comment.


    • Hi Tricia,
      You’re welcome, thank you for your on-going interest and your comment. I agree we have to develop and trust our internal guidance system but also have to notice when it gets drowned out by those unhelpful thoughts which we also generate internally but don’t represent us at deeper level.

      I’m glad you find my ideas thought-provoking and valuable – thanks for the feedback. Commenting sometimes helps me coalesce an idea but other times I need to digest what I’ve read so I can relate to what you wrote. I figure commenting also follows the universal law of right timing. 🙂

      Warm regards,


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