Help Your Back Support You


Do you feel you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Do you want people and responsibilities off your back? Does your back “go out?”  Your back, part of the structure keeping you upright in your body, relates to mental and emotional issues as well as physical ones.

Recently I learned most people in the U.S. experience back pain at some point.  Apparently in countries where people use their back muscles to support themselves rather than relying on chairs and couches, fewer back issues result.  Since most of us won’t choose balance balls as office chairs any time soon, consider strength training, yoga, or tai chi to maintain your back health.

Many Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure flows and self-helps harmonize backs, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  I highly recommend Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 11 with the same side 15 to open your back.  Place your right hand on right 15 or left hand on left 15 with the other hand crossing to the 11 on the same side as the 15.  This hold allows energy to move up and out of your back and down the front of your body, also supporting exhaling.

SEL 2, also known as “The Chiropractor,” and SEL 15 each address everything pertaining to the physical body and to backs specifically.  Relieve back tension by applying SEL 17, Organ Function Bladder, or Kidney self-helps.  Bladder also relieves burdens of people and problems, think “elimination.”  Apply the Diaphragm for back tightness in general and the Gallbladder for lower back pain.  Too many options?  I personally favor the 11 with 15 and the Bladder both for self-help and with clients experiencing muscular back discomfort or feeling burdened in life.

How do you keep your back healthy?  Does your back tell you when your life goes out of balance?

Note: always seek appropriate medical care.  Jin Shin Jyutsu supports your health as an adjunct to mainstream medical treatment.




    • Hi Joanne,
      I think backs often tell the story of how we’ve been living. A heating pad can be so comforting. I found ice helpful following my whiplash injury years ago. Glad I reminded you of your balance ball. Happy balancing! 🙂


  1. Well, that explains the backache! I also think gardening has contributed to some of my discomfort, but the feelings of being grounded soothes my back. Do you have any thoughts about pain and essential oils?
    Have you ever thought about YouTube videos (or do you recommend any videos) for an introductory guide to Jin Shin Jyutsu?
    An inquiring mind wants to know.
    Lots of blessings,


    • Thanks for commenting, Julie! Gardening when your back isn’t accustomed to it is a quick way to a backache, isn’t it? Essential oils fall outside my area of expertise and experience, unfortunately. I’ve considered creating some Jin Shin Jyutsu videos although I haven’t yet. More and more JSJ videos are showing up but the quality of the information they convey isn’t consistent. Here’s a great one, however: Markey Cancer Center JSJ Enjoy!


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