Your Expanded Energetic Fingerprint

worldPrint_smAlong with your unique physical fingerprint only you own your belongings which I wrote about in Your Energetic Fingerprint, know the people you know, experience exactly what you do, and make your particular choices.  Even identical twins differ in these areas!  Your selections define you and determine how well you align to yourself as a soul.  To invite self-expression, self-support, and self-realization, prioritize what brings you joy, peace, and ease.  When you come from this aligned, positive place, you lift the world as a whole so self-generosity serves the highest good of all.  May you feel good, not “should.”

Consider the following areas for expressing and supporting your soul level uniqueness:

  • Food – What you will and won’t buy, how well what you eat supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self
  • Wardrobe and Car – How you visually interface with the world, revealed in what you wear/drive, how you care for the items, and whether they “fit” you or not
  • Time, Activities, Priorities – How you spend your time reveals your priorities, although perhaps not your soul-aligned ones yet
  • People – Your relationships with people you consciously chose as well as the ones you didn’t
  • Places – How aligned you feel where you live, work, play, and vacation
  • Habits – What you do automatically, for better or worse
  • Thoughts – Whether love or fear predominates and knowing your mind creates fear
  • Connection to heaven and earth – Your divine inspiration and your human grounding, including your spiritual practices and time in nature
  • Creativity – If and how you express yourself through writing, art, music, cooking, and so on since every human longs to create
  • Finances – How you make, spend, lend, donate, and invest your money
  • Business (if you have one) – Your brand, your website, your business card, your social media presence, etc.
  • Your Favorites – Imagine a room painted your favorite color with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in it where you sit relaxing in a comfortable chair reading a book by your favorite author while listening to your favorite music – whatever scenario speaks to you specifically.

Do you realize everything you choose energetically, your “fingerprint,” matters to you as a soul and to the world at large?  In what areas do you feel most aligned?  Feel free to share your baby steps or giant leaps toward soul alignment and joy.

I’ve been asked to co-moderate a Positive, Fabulous Women Twitter chat on “Your Energetic Fingerprint” on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 11 A.M. EDT.  If you use Twitter, I invite you to join us with the hashtag #pfwchat.


    • Hi Joanne,
      You’re welcome and thank you as for your continued interest. For what it’s worth, that’s my favorite line too. 🙂 I’m looking forward to Thursday’s chat too and I’m glad you’re planning to come!
      All the best,


  1. Hi Christy – What a beautiful post. I like how the focus is on celebrating our individual contributions to the greater whole. Yes, and CHOOSING to feel good rather than “should” is awesome. I just started to read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks that addresses identifying our upper limit and moving beyond it. This concept nicely supports that message.
    Thank you, as always, for sharing your insights.


    • Hi Tricia,
      Thank you! We definitely can’t be islands on this planet, even if we sometimes wish we could. I love the fact what you’re currently reading dovetails with what I posted – hurray for synchronicity! No upper limits, I love that too.

      You’re welcome and thank *you*,


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