Befriend Your Challenges

ropeClimb_smAccording to the Akashic Records and other spiritual teachings, every aspect of your life, including your gifts and challenges, align perfectly to you, optimized for your soul’s evolution.  This sounds blissful and idyllic, doesn’t it?  Yet hurtful challenges can cause you to question the benevolence of life and make you wonder why you got stuck with a particular issue, situation, or person.  Life may run smoothly until an unwelcome challenge disrupts your tranquility.

I still struggle with binge eating which surfaced during my celiac starvation even though I already gained back all the weight and then some.  Every time I can’t solve the “problem” and beat myself up for a behavior driven by unconscious pain, I resist embracing the gift of my challenge.  In fact I hate it.  It humbles me, exposing my soft (and ever softer, haha) underbelly, and when I don’t accept it as my teacher I create much suffering with my thinking about it.  Yet I know I need this particular challenge to awaken more fully since all signs point to this bringing an end to my remaining perfectionism, accessing the unconscious aspects which lurk below my awareness.  This specific challenge serves me more than any other I can imagine.  Life always gives us just what we need.

  • Life benevolently tailors your challenges.  Even the ones which seem overwhelming or unfair still align to your highest good as a soul.
  • Find the kindest perspective you can on the “problem” and yourself.  Release labeling it as a problem if possible since your aversion energizes it.
  • Know if you can accept or even embrace the rightness of it, it softens.  The softening allows you to relax a bit, to engage life more fully and to open your heart to the gifts hidden within the challenge.
  • Notice if you view yourself as a problem.  If so, this challenge may teach you to extend love and compassion to yourself.
  • Each challenge shall linger until you master what you seek to learn at a soul level.  Compassionate life gives you the option of exploring it until the end of eternity if necessary.

How do you befriend your challenges?  How do you view your challenges once you overcome them?



  1. Your blog post resonated with me hugely, Christy! WoW, what a week I had. Everything lit up in my life last week. Through the chaos, I feel growth. Thank you for your healing words. I cherish them.


    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks for your interest and comment, I’m so glad the post resonated and you’re experiencing growth and healing – it doesn’t get much better than that! You’re welcome, thank you for your kind words. May you feel increasing light and ease as you move through life’s gifts and challenges.


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