Blog Radio Show: An Insider’s Guide to Transformation

I’m excited to announce I’m being interviewed by Rev. Anne Presuel on the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show on July 30 at 12 pm EST.  I’ll discuss An Insider’s Guide to Transformation covering topics such as how to ask for and receive help (Divine and otherwise), how to follow your inner guidance, and how to live from joy and connect to your financial “sweet spot” while being of service.

You can learn more about the show and tune in live at the Divine Chat Room to join us.  The first half hour Rev. Anne shall interview me and during the second half listeners can ask questions.  If you’d like to chat during the call, you can sign up for a Blog Talk Radio account here: Blog Talk Radio Sign-up.  Got a question? We’ll be taking your calls live! (001) 646 668-2211.  Got Skype? You can also listen in or call in free.

Please join us while we get Divinely Intuitive!

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