Responsibility Brings Freedom

me_smResponsibility liberates you, allowing you to focus your attention appropriately rather than misdirecting energy toward what belongs to someone or something else.  Being responsible also builds self-respect and self-confidence, a sense of being equal to what life brings you to experience.  Appropriate responsibility restores your ability to choose what aligns to your highest good, moment by moment.

A relational imbalance occurs when one person takes on more (or less) responsibility at  the expense of the other.  From the Akashic Records we understand appropriate responsibility, initiated by either party, helps both people drop animosity, judgment, and the sense of separation arising from giving or receiving judgment.  When helping others open-heartedly shifts to obligatory or annoying, consider helping by loving them and yourself more, rather than actively intervening.

While you might feel compassion for someone and want to help, you can also empower them by seeing their competence rather than their perceived incompetence.  Your energetic influence can contribute to an empowering shift.  When you stay in your business you not only get off the hook with others, you empower them to step up to attend to their own business.  Most of you probably learned the hard way how with some people your helping hand either only helps short-term or ultimately not at all.  Know you model competence by staying accountable for your actions.

Although it may not seem like it when life gets rough or you lose someone dear to you, a higher intelligence largely orchestrates what gets experienced both personally and globally.  Knowing this releases second-guessing about life’s events, knowing everything makes sense at some level.  The more you can relax into the flow of life, the less stress you experience.

Do you associate responsibility with freedom?  Do you feel freer when you trust others and the universe to manage their own domain while you attend to yours?

Note: For those who missed my “An Insider’s Guide to Transformation” interview last week on Rev. Anne Presuel’s Divinely Intuitive Business Radio Show, you can listen to the podcast here.  I recommend downloading the recording since some people experienced glitches while listening.


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thank you for your comment. I love the image of Lady Bountiful, I haven’t heard that phrase in years! Giving and receiving both take some mindfulness, I think, but luckily we can gain skill at both. 🙂
      Warm regards,


  1. Hi Christy! Thanks for writing about responsibility. I gave this word a lot of baggage for most of my life. I met a lovely lady who invited me to start thinking of the word as my ability to respond. This made the word better for me, I still grapple a bit with the should, could, would trifecta and the blame, self-recrimination, control, fix game that the word responsibility characterized for me; but each day less so.


    • Hi Teena,
      Thanks for your comment – I love the idea of framing responsibility as your ability to respond since it restores your choice around it! Ah, the heavy trifecta, congratulations on continuing to transcend it.
      Big hugs,


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