The Power of Being

hammock_smModern society emphasizes doing over being, competition over sharing, and the material over the spiritual.  Flipping these priorities brings balance and harmony at both the personal and planetary level.  When you choose consciously you illuminate your path and also elevate everyone and everything connected to you.

Life evolves and always brings you what you need out of the flow, whether you exert effort or not.  When you assume you must labor intensely for success or abundance or love, you may actually undermine what life wants for you.  Spending time being instead of doing indicates you trust life and yourself which brings a deeper, more lasting security.

Your experience transforms when you understand you don’t need to amp your intrinsic worthiness through excessive doing, when you step into your birthright of wholeness.  Being connects me to my inherent value in a way my doctorate, my many years as a well-rewarded IBM engineer, and even my unexpected intuitive healing abilities could not.

Being reconnects you to what matters.  While being, you connect to your authentic self, your soul level priorities, and to the world at large.  Being unhooks you from any misaligned internal and external demands, reminding you to individuate, to sidestep what won’t satisfy you.   It also invites inner peace, which emanates from comfort with yourself and your present circumstances.

Being increases productivity effortlessly.  Ever notice how increased effort sometimes results in diminishing returns?  Every time you drop out of doing into being, you make room to receive.  Relaxing into being may bring an unexpected inspiration, awareness, or much needed rejuvenation.  Honor being as the great restorer, life’s reset button.

For those interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) acupressure self-helps, the Diaphragm Organ Function harmonizes competition and invites you into being instead of doing.

How do you balance being and doing?  How do you know when doing eclipses being?



    • Hi Joanne,
      Thank you as always for your interest and comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, imagine how different the world could be if everyone remembered that reset button. 🙂
      Warm regards,


  1. This post completely confronts old beliefs that work + productivity = loveability + self-worth.
    The art of being, as you said, “Increases productivity effortlessly.”
    I have bookmarked this page for reference when I get caught in the hamster wheel of my own making.


    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for comment, I love your equation! I also love the fact you mentioned the hamster wheel as I edited out a line in this blog post which said, “Notice the hamster wheel only spins when you run on it.” Great minds think alike? 🙂
      May you BE,


  2. Thanks for the reminder to just ‘be’. It is so hard to do that when you live in a world of doing and have been convinced that ‘doing’ will move you forward. I am reminded of moments when paddling on a river when I stop paddling to enjoy the moment and just ‘be’ yet the boat continues moving forward.


    • My pleasure, Mary Claire! I love your image of being taken by the river. In a recent reading I heard the opposite thing too, something like “Don’t bother paddling on dry land.” Some of the most rewarding, joyful doing arises out of being.
      Best wishes for being,


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