May All Be At Peace

connected_smMany people find recent world events hard to understand and even harder to digest.  News, just like a novel or movie plot, tends to focus on conflict and tragedy since the audience finds it compelling and dramatic.  Unlike novels and movies, however, you tend not to hear how news events often drive something positive, leaving you just witnessing the suffering which increases angst, distress, and potentially pessimism as well.  Life going well doesn’t make the news.

The upside of bad news: Facing your own difficulties as well as learning of the challenges of others increases compassion and consciousness which benefits humanity and the planet.  Feeling empathy moves people to offer condolences, support, prayer, and may also lead to creative problem-solving.  You naturally want to give and receive, particularly in times of need.  Feeling connected heals.

The Akashic Records also reflect how our world-wide communication dramatically differs from historical small, isolated communities where you only heard about tragedy on occasion and rarely on the scale you routinely hear about it today.  Humans can only process so much bad news.  Consider consuming less.  To cope with overwhelm personally or globally, consider saying a metta prayer like this one I repeat several times a day:

May I be at peace, may my heart remain open, may I awaken to the light of my own true nature, may I be healed, may I be a source of healing for all beings,

May you be at peace, may your heart remain open, may you awaken to the light of your own true nature, may you be healed, may you be a source of healing for all beings,

May we all be at peace, may all our hearts remain open, may we each awaken to the light of our own true nature, may we all be healed, may we all be a source of healing for all beings.

Ideally you can find a balance which allows compassionate action rather than overwhelm or numbness.  Several years ago I stopped consuming news because I found myself feeling anxious and helpless in the face of all the negativity.  I suspect overwhelm contributes to modern society’s lean toward isolation rather than community, yet in unison we can magnify our impact, accelerating change and healing.

Do you consume news?  What do you do with the information you receive?


    • Hi Joanne,
      My philosophy sounds similar to yours. I do my best to balance staying informed without taking a negativity “hit” at the same time. Glad you enjoyed my metta prayer. Thanks for your comment.
      All the best,


  1. I so agree, Christy. Reducing the time watching TV has made it a lot easier to navigate the world. I still hear about some news stories via social media, but it is much different that being overloaded with negative news 24/7.

    Great reminder that we are powerful beings and we have a CHOICE how we use our powerful energy!

    Many blessings,


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Nancy! I’m with you – hearing news via social media isn’t as hard to digest as drinking it “straight” from mainstream news. Somehow what I need to know always finds me.

      I love your comment about choice. So true!


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