Your Relationship to Immunity

MeYouWe2_smWhen you develop immunity to something, you learn to tolerate it.  I used to think physical immune challenges generally arose from an inability to mount a sufficient defense to stress, invaders, etc. but I’ve since learned more often it results from over-responding, when a flood of large immune cells rush to the impacted area, causing pain and inflammation.  With optimal immunity you don’t overreact physically, mentally, or emotionally.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu® Japanese acupressure, Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 3 relates to immunity.  This SEL acts as a natural antibiotic and also addresses anything related to the immune system including autoimmune disorders and allergies, two examples of the body’s overreaction.  If I apply a fifteen to twenty minute SEL 3 self-help on each side when I first feel a cold or sore throat, I usually avoid getting sick.  When applying the self-help for sore throats, I actually feel them disappear one side at a time!  Note: always hold the same side SEL 15 simultaneously with SEL 3 (cross your arm across your body to reach the 3, no crossing for the 15) to release any stuck SEL 3 energy down the front of your body to prevent headaches.

Safety Energy Lock 3 supports healthy relationships.  In JSJ, you (1) and I (also 1) equals we (3).  In other words, a relationship adds up to more than what the two components bring.  The “you” could be a person or environmental toxins, your diet, stress, or debilitating emotions, for example.  How you respond to your “exposure” interpersonally or otherwise, meaning your relationship to it, constitutes your immunity or resilience.  No wonder a sense of community increases longevity.

Physical immunity keeps illness at bay.  Mental and emotional immunity harmonize relationships.  All receive support from the 3’s, which also enhance vitality.  How do you reduce your reactivity to people, places, things, germs, or anything else you encounter?  What helps support your resilience?



  1. Hi Christy, Interesting topic! As a cancer survivor, I try to be vigilant regarding my health and stress levels. With challenging people and situations, I repeat the following mantra – Let Go and Let God. Yoga and meditation also help. Joanne 🙂


  2. You are so right, Christy. 1+1 equals more than 2. We need to use this magic number to our advantage. 🙂

    Joanne, a fellow survivor! The gift of cancer is a heightened awareness of mind-body-spirit care.

    We are capable of healing with focus, care, and love. And help and connection with others.

    Aloha ☀


    • Hi Leia,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I love the idea of the “magic number!” I resonate with your healing words – focus, care, love, help, and connection – ahhh.
      Mahalo for your continued aloha,


  3. Thank you, Christy for sharing your weekly wisdom. I am being challenged by my physical immunity and you have helped me stay healthier than I would be without these great self-helps. I haven’t thought about immunity so much mentally or emotionally. But, now that I read your blog, my meditations have helped me release unnecessary energy that I seem to have a habit of taking on. I also use ~ Let Go and Let God ~ which I learned from my father’s affinity to the Unity Church.

    I feel your healing energy and thank you for your gift to the world.


    • Thank you Lori for your comment and kind words. Meditations are a great way to release mental, emotional stressors which could otherwise solidify into physical problems over time. Glad you feel the healing energy and are putting the self-helps to good use. I hope you feel better and better!
      Best wishes,


  4. A great post Christy . I try to keep my immunity activated by to focusing on the thoughts I am thinking . Many times I would just come up with a lot of negative thoughts which would create stress or anger . So I try to separate myself from the negative thought and try to find something neutral if not positive in the situation . I also try to be conscious of my breath ; I breath deeply whenever I feel that I am losing awareness .



    • Thanks for your interest and comment, Sarabh! Our thoughts create our reality so I love how you’re catching your negative thought patterns and changing them – nice work! I love using the breath to bring myself back as well. It’s great to have tools like the breath and our fingers which we always carry with us.


  5. I loved the responses to your words, Christy, as much as this inspiring piece about immunity. I agree as Leia added, “We are capable of healing with focus, care, and love. And help and connection with others.” When I feel overwhelmed, it is because I’ve over-focused on problems and ignored help and connections with others.
    When I think about how I react when I want to reduce reactivity, I consider, “What would I do if a particularly worrisome issue was not an issue at all?” I remind myself that I can choose peace if I want it.


    • Julie,
      Thanks for your inspiring comment. I’m with you, overwhelm usually means we’ve focused on what isn’t working and not on what is. Peace and harmony always exist, we just have to connect to them. Thanks for sharing!
      Warm regards,
      P.S. You can follow my dear friend Leia on Twitter too. Her Twitter handle is @mscator and she’s a lovely soul-filled traveling companion. 🙂


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