Invite Surrender

waterStones_smSomewhere between trying to control life and slipping into defeated inaction, lies a surrender which also allows right action in the moment.  When you say you need someone to behave a certain way or if you say you need your business to improve or even if say you need to surrender, you reflect your preferences, not current reality.  You need what you have and have what you need in every moment.

The payoff from surrendering won’t come from a defeated resignation but rather stepping back into your own power, the power to influence your experience and resultant outcomes.  When you try to override the mystery of life, the universe, God, or whatever you call “what’s bigger than I am,” you waste energy you could otherwise direct toward what you actually can influence.  Tapping this efficiency brings relief because you can relax into your own abilities rather than feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.  Notice how life gets easier, even effortless, when you effort less.

What if you just can’t find a way to stop trying to engineer your life?  Surrender to your non-surrender.  Accept your tendency to want to control what you experience and remember your inability to surrender wants to teach you lessons about your life.  Relief comes swiftly when you drop into trusting what brought you into this world in the first place.  Honor yourself and your present experience and know everything evolves toward the highest good, regardless of how unfair or illogical life may seem.

For Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure self-helps, apply Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 12 to yield to “Thy Will, Not My Will.”  Safety Energy Lock 2 invites expansion into life, harmonizing the contraction of control.  Use Organ Function Heart and Small Intestine self-helps to relieve dictatorial thoughts and “trying to.”  I recommend holding each self-help for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths or until you feel “done.”

When does surrender seem easy?  Impossible?




  1. Hi Christy, Welcome back! I love this post, especially the advice about surrendering to non-surrender. My well-honed left brain craves order and organization. And enjoys engineering life. But life, especially relationships, can be very messy. Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks, it’s good to be back! I sometimes wonder how my life would look if I could indeed engineer it. I suspect it would be a whole different kind of “messy,” which I find amusing.

      Surrendering to non-surrender just makes sense. We are where we are until we’re somewhere else! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and sharing.

      All the best,


  2. Similar to Joanne’s comments about organization, a part of me also wants to orchestrate surrender … how I surrender, what I surrender, when I’ll surrender it. Surrender invites me to look at larger life issues that I can’t see (especially when I allow smaller issues outside of me to consume me). This kind of surrender leads me to self-examination to ask difficult questions. There is light even when I see shadow parts of myself … like how I allowed anger or a need to prove I am right at the expense of relationships, isolation, and distance. There are much bigger lessons in moments of surrender – and much larger opportunities for growth.
    Thank you for such a beautiful reflection.


    • Dear Julie,
      Thanks for your insightful comment. I always have a good chuckle at myself when I want to dictate the terms of my surrender. Another thing to surrender! 😉 Proving ourselves right is the provenance of ego, it consistently prioritizes being right over connection. The resulting alienation provides further fuel for the ego so no wonder it craves it!

      Surrender is a way of being as much as a doing. I love knowing I’m lead, held, cradled, and supported simply because I exist. What an amazing gift when I deeply “get” that!

      You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure.

      Much light and love,


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