Soul Sight

soulSite_smImagine if we could see beyond the human frailties of people directly to their soul, to their inherent wholeness and goodness.  What would the world look like if we could choose not to take offense, get frustrated, be disappointed, feel fearful, get defensive, or want to run from others?

Soul sight means seeing beyond the human personality.  Underneath demands, neediness, irresponsibility, greed, obnoxiousness, and even dishonesty, at a soul level everyone craves love and acceptance.  The attributes you find most objectionable probably correspond to the ones which most greatly impair the individual’s evolution as well.  Viewing a person compassionately liberates you and them both, opening the possibility for something new to arise.

Obstructive and even destructive behaviors of others can lead to instructive and constructive awareness for you.  Think of a friend or family member who gets to you in some way.  Can you connect to gratitude for their soul’s willingness to create internal havoc for you which also opens the door to your healing?  Imagine how it would feel to live, behave, and react as this person does.  Difficult people, often at great expense to their own joy and fulfillment, may allow you the objectivity of experiencing a hard place second-hand instead of directly.

If you can’t view other people with soul sight, especially people whom you find particularly challenging, apply the soul sight to yourself.  As a soul you want to transcend triggers, judgments, and frustrations so give yourself permission to not react in habitual fear-driven ways and to forgive yourself when you do.

Can you apply soul sight to your most challenging relationships?  Do you practice non-blaming reframing?


  1. Hi Christy,
    I look forward to your blog post every Monday! Thank you for sharing the “soul sight” tool to look at human challenges from a different point of view: SoulPOV! This, “…may allow you the objectivity of experiencing a hard place second-hand instead of directly.”, made me say “Wow!” out loud. Your insight gets me to dig deeper each week.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Lori,
      I love knowing you anticipate my posts! Life, or at least my perspective on it, always boils down to the Soul POV. You’re welcome and thank you for pointing out your “Wow!” moment. Writing posts makes me dig deeper each week too so you’re not alone. 🙂
      Much light and love,


  2. I love this Christy! : )

    I wholeheartedly value what you wrote:

    ‘Imagine if we could see beyond the human frailties of people directly to their soul, to their inherent wholeness and goodness.’

    ‘Ideally’ I believe many of do tend to lean towards this and then in reality, we encounter all of the myriad of emotions you described next…

    ‘What would the world look like if we could choose not to take offense, get frustrated, be disappointed, feel fearful, get defensive, or want to run from others?’

    Now while you are asking the question of what would the world look like without those feelings of being offended, or frustrated, disappointed, or fearful, I simply have learned to accept that myself and others naturally experience these because we are human. Meaning, I don’t believe there is something wrong with us for experiencing the emotions, it’s what we DO With them that can cause more damage to ourselves and others.

    All of our feelings have something to teach us about ourselves, our environments, and each other. And absolutely, sometimes we miscalculate and misinterpret the messages for a variety of reasons including assumptions and different perspectives. Yet our feelings are also good because they can warn us of danger or to steer clear of another person who simply isn’t SAFE for us to be around. (due to a low level of consciousness or whatever)

    I love the term soul sight and I believe it’s possible yet more likely when people aren’t in the triggering moment. Most often it can occur AFTER the fact. Which is often the case for people healing from abuse, etc.

    Thank you so much for sharing on having and experiencing soul sight. Love it!


    • Thank you for your comment and insights, Samantha, I appreciate it! I wholeheartedly agree feelings give us valuable feedback and in the case of abusive situations can save us from further harm. Being able to take constructive action based on what’s experienced is key, as you say “what we DO with them.” Yet in less extreme cases I believe staying mindfully aware of our own contributions to our suffering through our judgments, biases, and other unexamined thoughts, allows us to reduce unnecessary reactivity and discomfort.

      To me soul sight aligns us with the impeccable universe i.e., everyone is who and where they are “supposed to be,” while examining whether rejecting reality is causing us to suffer. Soul sight takes practice, too, as you say triggers may prevent it in real time but this too can shift when you progressively step into what supports you and away from what doesn’t. I always say incremental progress is still progress. 🙂

      You’re welcome, thank you again for your thought-provoking comment.



  3. Delightfully helpful as all your sharingz are. . Applying this concept of soul sight has opened up much resolve. There has alwayz been an air of “all is innately well,” since childhood and this post insightfully provided a tangable way to experience this wonderful state of allowing…

    All the replies wonderful folks leave are equally insightful and helpful. Thank you all as we evolve easily and harmoniously together.

    Diverse compassion with each breath… full heart open and flowing….Thank you!

    Thank you for the weekly sharingz…



    • Hi Billy,
      Thanks for your comment and interest! I’m glad this post helps you connect to the “all is innately well” place you mentioned. I’m also thrilled to hear the great responses here are helpful also. You’re welcome and thank you!
      Warm regards,


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