Perfect Mistakes

navigatePerfect_smOne of the transformational Akashic Records concepts pertains to the inherent optimization of your life experience for your soul’s growth, including your so-called mistakes.  As odd as it sounds, you make the perfect mistakes for you as a soul, for your evolution into deeper authenticity, greater compassion, and higher awareness.  You could not make better mistakes.

The mistakes presented by your soul’s curriculum can bring either relief or frustration.  Recognizing the perfection of it all can ease the sting when you view mistakes as a customized opportunity to evolve through a challenge or issue.  Conversely if you frame them as the worst possible “punishment,” you can feel thwarted, overwhelmed, and even opposed by life.  Mistakes soften when you connect to the idea of universe conspiring to assist you, not undermine you.

Mistakes optimized for growth tend to chafe more than less energized ones.  Lower emotional charge means less pain but most souls want to face challenges and overcome problems to enable their personal evolution.  Challenging mistakes affirm your willingness to learn and grow.

Your resistance to mistakes perfectly calibrates to your desired evolution also.  Accepting your reaction to your mistakes serves to lessen the intensity of your response over time.  Mistakes happen, resistance to them arises, but the ability to transcend both the mistakes and the resistance also increases with practice and awareness.  Staying aligned and kind to yourself represents a significant evolutionary step.

Made any perfect mistakes lately?  What mistakes bother you most?  Does it help not to view them as mistakes but rather as opportunities for growth?


  1. Hi Christy, Earlier this year, I made the following comment to a friend: “I can’t believe I’m still making that kind of mistake at my age.” Thinking back, I now realize that I was stuck in a rut (writing was at a standstill) and not doing too much else. I guess I needed the “mistake” to nudge me in taking action. Thanks for another insightful post! Joanne 🙂


    • I love it, Joanne, especially the “at my age” part! Perhaps the non-writing “mistake” allowed you to build up momentum and energy for the next phase of your writing project, a perfect pause.

      At my age I need to learn “mistakes” are inevitable. 😉

      Thanks for your sharing and your interest,


  2. Dear Christy,
    I shared your blog with a neighbor a few days ago and it resonated with her as well as me. We were just chatting and she said “this was a perfect mistake”. I love that she referenced your blog in our everyday occurrences. I hope you know how much you are appreciated!



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