Say Yes to Yourself

SelfOthers_2_smMany people find it hard to say no, especially to family members and particularly around the holidays.  Often when you say no to others, you say yes to yourself thereby affirming your own wants, needs, and feelings.  This requires releasing guilt around prioritizing yourself.  See if you can sculpt what you want for yourself in the midst of expressed and even perceived expectations of others.  Your self-supportive actions may create positive shifts for all, at the very least because sending yourself the message you matter invites you to relax and expand.

Guilt arises from your perceived responsibility and the actions you associate with this.  Appropriate guilt means you take responsibility when you act in a harmful or negligent way.  Excessive guilt arises you feel responsible for something beyond what you actually own.  When overwhelmed by someone’s apparent or expressed need, take a moment to reconnect to yourself.  Notice your desire to make their and your own discomfort disappear.  Exhale, meditate, go for a walk or use whatever methods you find most restorative.

Harmonize guilt applying Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-helps Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 2, 13, and any self-help in the “second depth” which pertains to sadness, grief, and guilt.  These include Lung and Large Intestine Organ Function Energies, SELs 5 through 15, and your ring finger.  I recommend holding each self-help for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths while attending to your breath.

How do you sidestep or release guilt?  Do you tend to feel overly responsible for others?  How do you stay true to yourself when faced with others’ demands and expectations?


  1. Hi Christy, Key point => “Often when you say no to others, you say yes to yourself thereby affirming your own wants, needs, and feelings.” When we have that burning YES inside, it is easier to set those boundaries. Thanks for another insightful and timely post. Joanne 🙂


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