Chest Flows

heartGlow_smSome of my recent stressors include an unprecedented winter storm here in Vermont causing our thirty to forty foot snow-laden white pine trees to continue to threaten our property and any cars in our driveway, a diabetic kitty who stopped eating and has been in a veterinary hospital since Friday, losing phone and internet service for a day which meant the hospital could only contact me via my iffy cellphone, educating my recently widowed and overwhelmed mother with her financial matters, plus my ten year old car failing inspection requiring either expensive repairs or replacement.  The past couple days I’ve noticed a tightness in my chest, presumably related to these external events.  Thank goodness I have Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure to help me relieve stress.

In JSJ, the organ function flows fall into categories based on how energy gets routed through the body during the flow.  The Chest Flows (Organ Function Heart, Lung, Diaphragm) pass through the chest and support your vitality, circulation, and back.  Astrological fire signs are associated with these flows.

Chest flows support the movement of blood and air in your body, vital for your moment to moment survival.  Digestion, while important on a longer time scale, becomes irrelevant if your heart or lungs no longer function.  The Lung flow also harmonizes your immune system, physical body, feelings and emotions.  The Heart flow supports your entire body as well whereas the Diaphragm connects you to the universe or God or however you frame the larger picture.  I recommend holding all self-helps for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths while attending to your breath.

Where do you first feel stress in your body?  What action do you take when you notice it?

Note: As always, JSJ provides secondary support to conventional medical care.  Please seek appropriate assistance for all medical emergencies.


  1. ((Christy)) Sending you healing light and love.

    I could feel the stress in my own chest as I read what you’ve been going through! I’ll either feel it in my chest, or in my abdominal area, depending on ‘what’ is going on. I’ve been attempting to be more mindful of those areas when I notice it happening by intentionally sending mindful attention to my heart region…as if my heart was a member of my ‘team’. (because it is) (Thich Naht Hanh)

    I confess, depending on what’s going on, just sitting there breathing and focusing my attention to those stressed and tight areas can be a test of my patience. And this reveals where I need to spend more time in practice.

    Wishing you a much better week! Keep me posted. xo


    • Thanks, Samantha! I too have the chest and abdominal responses. The chest seems to be more chronic stuff whereas the abdominal more immediate. Hmm, a place for some curious exploration for me, perhaps. I love the idea of your heart as a member of your team – and such a vital member at that. I love Thich Naht Hanh, too!

      I have clients who report paying attention to their breath makes them feel more anxious rather than less. Finding a comforting focus either inside or outside the body can be so helpful. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. 🙂

      Thanks again for your good wishes, I hope you have a good week also. xo


  2. Hi friend, i m extremly sorry to hear all that happend to you and your family , I pray to almighty for all good things to you god bless.
    keep me posted

    with regards

    N.Syed Kaleem


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