Don’t Raise the Bar

raiseTheBar_smSometimes raising the bar motivates greater achievement, such as in athletic or even academic competitions.  It might also bring higher sales or allow you to incrementally overcome a fear of speaking.  In spiritual development, however, raising the bar can impede soul evolution.  Dis-ease can occur when you increase your expectations of yourself and/or your life.  Yes, as Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better,” but knowing better includes accepting your inevitable stumbles.

Impatience may surface along with spiritual gifts and awakenings.  After connecting to divine energy, you might want to skip the hard parts (who doesn’t?) and head right to the goodies, the peace and ease promised by enlightenment.  Patience accepts the present.

Judgment of self or others may also assert itself when the spiritual bar gets raised.  You may wonder why you can’t master what you understand intellectually.  Answer: when your awareness stays with you moment to moment, even during triggering ones.  Or perhaps you wonder why others seem stunted, apparently not interested in progressing spiritually.  Answer: each person owns on their personal journey and awakens on their own timescale.  Releasing the urge to  evaluate your progress, your life, and other people represents another evolutionary leap.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) Japanese acupressure, raising the bar relates to the JSJ attitude of fear.  Harmonize fear with the Organ Function Energy Bladder and Kidney, Safety Energy Lock 23, and/or your index finger as self-helps for thirty-six out-breaths and in-breaths or until it feels complete.

What alternatives to raising the spiritual bar would you suggest?  Whatever measure each of us chooses to embrace or sidestep, may we all view our humanness as part of the landscape, neither magnified nor diminished.


  1. I always like to read your blog entry, think about it, then read it again.

    It makes me smile to think of our human-ness. How beautiful we are, just as we are. And how grateful I am for each moment. There is so much love and care in your words, Christy. Thank You. ❤


    • Hi Leia,
      Thank you for sharing. To smile, to see beauty, to feel grateful, to notice love and care, your actions reflect the brilliant side of being human. I appreciate your noticing and the present of your presence.
      Much love,


  2. Hi Christy, Like Leia, I reread you posts more than once. When I saw the title of this post, I was tempted to email it to several retired school principals who often bellowed: “Let’s raise the bar!” Thank you for providing an alternative to an rallying cry that never hit the mark with students. Joanne 🙂


    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for the smile about the principals. Raising the bar is seductive, it sounds so positive even while it negates “enough.” I’m glad I could provide a balanced perspective to the old rallying cry.


  3. Thanks Christie for your insights, they mesh so well with a perspective shift that began last week on #PWFchat where I was led to the idea that life’s journey is about learning. Learning must include ‘failure’, pauses and leaps forward in understanding. This leads me to change the idea of raising the bar, to one of shifting the bar. Shifting the bar allows one to be perfect as they are, yet opens new vistas to look at and learn about. This idea of evolving perspectives gives the opportunity to do better, rather than trying to BE better. Thusly, Maya Angelou is brilliant in her quote regarding doing better when we know better. She did not say that we will be better. I will now enjoy the new views that arise as I shift the bar, thank you.
    As Ever,


    • Thank you for your interest and comment, Teena. I like the idea of a shifting bar, essentially a natural reshuffling of priorities corresponding to your soul’s intentions as you move through the learning you mentioned. Good observation on Maya Angelou not saying we’ll “be better” – so true! You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your perspective, it’s always fun to have more to contemplate. 🙂
      Warm regards,


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